Thursday, 22 August 2013

I'm a mama!

Hey guys, I'm sure you've all guessed it/seen pics on instagram or my other blog but thirteen days ago, our little man Ned was welcomed into the world. The last two weeks have consisted of feeding, midwife visits,with the occasional visit to the shops. 

I'm feeling pretty good but don't think anyone cares to see pics of my house attire which mostly consists of a lorna jane crop and a sussan dressing gown. I plan to meet up with some friends next week which will give me the perfect excuse to get a little dolled up. Till then I'll share a sneak peek from our newborn photoshoot we had yesterday.  Huge cudos to the ultra-talented Jane Gilbey Photography - you are a baby whisperer.

I'm hoping to start a new weekly hump day post titled he wears, she wears. It will be so much fun when he is a little bigger and can start wearing some cool threads.