Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - into the wild

It's a wet and windy day here today and what better way to brighten the mood than wearing probably my favourite print - animal. I felt a little unsure of my outfit as I headed in to work this morning worried that I might have introduced a little too much animal print into the outfit so took the headscarf off. I then looked at my hair in the mirror (which I failed to leave time to do this morning) and realised it needed to be hidden regardless of whether or not I had gone a little overboard with the animal print. 

thrifted jacqui e cardi | asos skirt | thrifted target top | vintage scarf | thrifted country road flats

What do you think? Is there too much print going on? Oh, and what about my new vintage umbrella? HOW cool huh.

The other day I posted about losing my blogging mojo and confidence and not long after received an email from a workmate who forwarded on an email from one of her friends who I don't know. It read 

'Please tell Peta that I seriously hang out for her blog each week! I check it ALL the time to see if she has posted!!'

How lovely! Shout out to you Anna and thanks for reading. In fact, shout out to anyone who reads this little spot on the WWW. I do appreciate your visits and do hope you come back and one day even leave a comment ; )

What is your favourite print?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Stripes + Spikes

Hi all and welcome to my new followers/readers - lovely to have you on board!

Thought I'd get some quick insta snaps of today's outfit. I particularly love these asos spike earrings and am loving that it is cold enough to bust out my fave tony bianco riding boots - four years later they are still going strong. A good pair of leather boots may seem expensive at the time of purchase but they are definitely an investment! I'm also trying to convince the husband that a chanel bag is an investment too. I've been lusting after one after becoming extremely jealous of Jackie on wag nation's bag.

target knit | vintage shirt (underneath) | tony bianco boots | asos earrings (here) | guess bag | vintage umbrella

I've decided I need to get myself a chunky cable knit jumper / sweater. Although I love the look of some of the ones at Dotti I can't justify paying upwards of $49.95 for one. Might pay my ol mate asos a visit to see what they have on offer. Asos never disappoints!

If you like my new blog design and have been thinking of giving your blog a bit of a revamp, pop over to Pursuit of Felicity and shoot her an email. Until the end of June Felicity is offering 25% discount on all of her blog packages ($37.50 for a complete blog design!)

Sunday, 24 June 2012


It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting in front of the heater watching Masterchef. It's been a while since I've linked up with Sophie's weekly flea market finds and thought what better time than after a weekend where I found some lovely treasures.

First find, inspired by the adorable Zara is this cute little milk glass trinket container. I now have four peices of milk glass so I guess I now have a collection? lol

I then picked up this hippy 70s top from a garage sale with a couple of other items. It's one that needs to be belted but looks like it has never been worn and is very unique.

On Friday while on my regular lunchtime trip to Vinnies I spotted this beauty in the fancy dress section. I happily handed over my three dollars and it has now been washed and awaiting its first outing. I think I might wear this to my auntie's seventies themed 40th birthday party in a couple of weeks ... if I can wait that long!

Finally, Black Caviar wasn't the only winner this weekend. I won this gorgeous trophy from a garage sale for three dollars and only realised that once I got it home and gave it a bit of silvo treatment that is in fact quite old! From 1939 to be exact. It is currently housing some of my favourite costume jewellery.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend

 p.s. notice my new blog design? Big props to Felicity of Pursuit of Felicity - she was great to work with and I can highly recommend her work!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

What I Wore Wednesday ... Thursday Edition

Hello all! I've been a little quiet of late - have lost my mojo a bit I think. If I knew people (more than my sister, mum, friends and workmates) actually looked forward to my posts I might be more inspired to post more regularly.

Rode my bike to work today as the battery in my Rav decided to die last night. It has had a good run though - four years. I know I'd prefer to be spending the $100+ on other things though!

trade secret dress, lili coat, vintage gloves, vintage shoes, cassette society sunnies, nutcase helmet

These shoes are labelled a size 8 and are beautifully soft and with awesome detail. I am regularly a size 7 to 7.5 and these feel small - too small to keep. If anyone is interested in them please let me know. Cost would be $20 including postage within Australia.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Hey readers and welcome to my newest follower teacup grunge bringing me up to 55!

I had an extra long weekend which was totally awesome.

I started the weekend by teaching body pump Friday morning at 6am.

The husband and I then headed up to the Sunshine Coast to scout for places to live. We are planning on moving there at the end of the year. We stopped in Maleny for lunch and even took some tourist shots. Oooh, I had a fake tan too. Can you tell?
Sunday we went to the races at Caloundra. I wore a new asos coat and portmans dress and ending up loving my outfit.
This is my brother-in-law, husband and brother. I reckon they scrub up pretty good.
I then insta'd this photo. Love it.
We got home to this guy. He missed us a lot. The husband think I take too many photos of him. 'sif.
We made up for it by getting his cute face on tv.

What have you been up to?

It's my twinnie's baby shower this weekend. Can't wait to show her what I've bought.

Later skaters xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What I Wore Wednesday ... On campus

Winter has well and truly arrived in South East Queensland. When the alarm went off at five thirty this morning for me to get out of bed and go to my regular Wednesday morning body attack class I thought to myself ... 'i must be crazy' ... and for a split second considered staying in the warmth of my bed. I didn't though and ended up with sweat dripping down my face by the end of the class. No regrets!

I had about five seconds to decide what to wear today and came up with this navy combo. Navy is such a classic colour and I've been drawn to all things navy lately.

so attractive! asos maternity cape (no mum I'm not pregnant), dotti dress, corelli flats

This dress from Dotti was marked down to $19.95 from an original price of something ridiculous like $69.95. I'm sorry for those of you who do pay full price for things but I just can't bring myself to spend exorbidant amounts of money on items that aren' the best quality. I've even noticed Portmans choice of materials seemed to have downgraded. The only thing I bought yesterday was the embellished peter pan dress and no way was it worth of its $129.95 original price.

Enough complaining ... I'm looking at getting a leather jacket. Every time winter rolls around I say I want a leather jacket and never actually follow through. Just Jeans have a couple which have caught my eye and are currently on sale for $129.

 Do you have a leather jacket? Do you love it?

I did an advanced instructor training course (for Body Pump) on Saturday and got pulled up on my posture many times. Being an ex-gymnast (many, many moons ago) you would think that it would be good. Must remedy this!!


Ciao sweeties xxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sale Time

The mid-year sales are well are truly upon us and one sale that always hooks my attention is Portmans. Quite a few of my trusty-worn-a-few-times dresses are from Portmans all of which have been bought at sale time. And what better time to shop than with a 30% off the marked price offer starting today.

A couple of weeks ago I literally died when I saw the leather fit and flare dress on the website. I don't own anything leather but thought it would totally satisfy my occasional rock chick fashion tendencies.

At that time the dress was marked $169.95 - a little too expensive for my thrifty ways. However at 30% off, this baby could be mine for a little under $120 - much more reasonable considering its original price tag of $250. The issue with that though is the dress was only sent to like the top 5 stores in the state all of which are nowhere near my trusty Toowoomba store. The lovely chic at my store said I could ring one of the other stores, find out what sort of fit the dress is, purchase a gift card in store and then send the gift card in a post bag with a return post bag and the dress could be mine. Urgghh, way too much trouble ...
So promptly at four o'clock i'll be heading down-town-toowoomba to see what else the store might have. Peeking online, these are some items which may grab my fancy.
down to $35
um warm! down to $27.95
i am probably going to the races at the sunny coast on sunday. This whole ensemble looks awesome. It might be too warm though. Jacket down to around $70.00
Will report back on what I decide to get!
What am I wearing to skip off to this sale after work?

Wish me good shopping vibes!