Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wedding Reception

This afternoon I thought I would share some photos with you of our wedding reception. This is a small collection of photos which have not made their way to the world wide web just yet. I love them and the memories they bring.

All images by Darren at ckmetrophotos. You can see more over here, and here!

Hope you enjoy. Sorry for the overload!

Peta xxx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Do Your Research

This morning I received an email from PeepToe shoes and decided to check out their featured blogger - Kathy from Shopping Confessions. A few posts in, I was intrigued to visit Grays Outlet from her review - a sister site to Grays Online. I haven't ever bought anything from Grays Online but know others who have. Grays Outlet seem to have pretty good prices on lots of stuff but naturally I've been perusing the women's fashion.

I noticed a brand I had seen sold on Frockaholics was sold on this site and decided to do a bit of research.

This dress (photo from frockaholics)

  • is on final sale at frockaholics for $120.00 with free shipping
  • is $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping on grays outlet
  • is not available on the darling website but shipping is around $20.00 so it would not be cheaper. They are having a 70% off sale though if anyone is interested.
They have quite a few styles and it pays to cross-reference the item on the darling or frockaholics website as grays pictures aren't the best quality. Who cares though when they offer such great discounts!

Here are some items I'm considering putting in my cart. I do have a swanky hen's weekend coming up in a couple of weeks!

In other shopping related news I just purchased this ...

Exciting, no?! Well I recently completed my Les Mills Body Pump training and have started team teaching. This Wednesday I think I will be taking the whole class and am really starting to enjoy it. Do you go to any of the Les Mills classes?

Hope you had a great weekend!
Peta xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Buy of the Week

This week's instalment of buy of the week comes to you from a mildly hungover, make up free Peta who is one of the unlucky few who did not secure the day off. For those of you outside of Australia, yesterday was a public holiday to celebrate Australia Day and a long weekend would have made the celebration that little bit sweeter.

This week I scored two Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks from the Malouf Group Pharamacy's big sale for $6.00 each! I think their regular retail price is over $20.00 so it was a pretty sweet deal!

The husband did manage to get today off and is picking me up for lunch soon. I think we'll dine in at Pizza Hut thanks to Mr. shop-a-docket . Classy I know!

What was your best buy of the week?

Have a fabulous weekend and welcome to my new followers! New followers and comments always put a smile on my dial.
Peta xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - 70s Maxi and Sequins Baby

The weather here in South East Queensland has been shocking lately and in no way could be described as summer. Fine weather for Australia Day definitely does not look promising!

For this week's outfit I teamed a 70s vintage maxi dress with a sequin vest and a ex-handbag-turned-clutch.

from boring bag to cute clutch

What is your take on sequins? I think you either love them or hate them. I'm a lover and have my eye on a few things on asos at the moment. Only trick is where do you wear them? I got home and asked the husband what he thought of my outfit - he thought I looked mumsy. I can't win with him!! I'm either bloody mumsy or am wearing a doiley or tablecloth.

Speaking of mumsy ... I'm going to be an aunty!!!!!!! My twin sis is due to have her first baby in late July and I can't wait. I especially can't wait to find out what the sex is so I can buy cute little things. There is no denying that everyone is hoping for a girl - there is so much more variety and cuteness for girls.

Happy Australia Day friends for tomorrow and a big happy 38th anniversary to mum and dad and a huge 40th birthday wish to my workmate Kristin. Have fun!

vintage maxi dress, martini vest via eBay, belt from another dress, gifted necklace, clutch via Vinnies, Novo wedges

Peta xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bloody Email Subscriptions

Grrr ... stupid Myer and your so called Stocktake Sale Clearance.

I'm sure I don't need any more dresses (and I'm positive my husband will agree on that one) but hello ...

now $30ea

already reduced red ticketed dresses by BARDOT, TOKITO, BLUE JUICE, T BY BETTINA LIANO and QUIRKY CIRCUS

now $20ea
already reduced red ticketed dresses by KENJI and MISS SHOP brand

now $50ea



Friday, 20 January 2012

Buy of the Week

Thanks to all that joined me for buy of the week last week.

I purchased this week's beauty just yesterday at the delightful Vinnies. It just had my name on it and was $10.00 - a bit battered around the edges but perfectly pretty for my liking.

Without further ado:

old phones seem to be popping up all over the place! Just in the last week my beautiful friend Mel received one for her birthday and Sophie also picked one up a couple of weeks ago. Follow the links and see the beauties they received - in much better nick and prettier than mine but I'm happy all the same : )

I'll be linking up to flea market finds on Sunday.

What have you found this week?!

Peta xxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Giveaway Winner

So apparently not many people were interested in a forty dollar voucher at Frockaholics as I only had a few entries.

One person who did want to win was Mez and she was lucky enough to get her name selected!

If I were to win, I would treat myself to a birthday present as it is my birthday on 21 Jan.

Mez, I loved your comment and hope your birthday is just that little bit sweeter now. Can't wait to see what you buy xxx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Gifted and Thrifted

Welcome to the second week of what I wore Wednesday.

Today's outfit consists of items entirely thrifted or gifted.

I'm loving the vintage skirt I'm wearing - very review-esque but a handmade vintage beauty and at a fraction of the cost - I think it was $3.00.

Gifted: Cotton On top; Thrifted: vintage skirt, vintage belt, diana ferrari heels, vintage bag

Don't forget my giveaway ends at midnight tonight ... you don't have to be a follower to enter and it entitles you to a $40.00 voucher at frockaholics.com. Did I mention they are having a sale at the moment and FREE shipping?!

Oh, and while you're surfing the web, pop over to my friend Mel's blog - Allure and Grace Styling. She has recently completed a fashion styling diploma and her blog is heaps of fun : ) I'm especially jealous of her birthday pressies she posted about today - an awesome vintage phone and Samantha Wills cuff.

Peta xxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Buy of the week

welcome to my weekly instalment of buy of the week.

for a while now I've been thinking of getting a pair of converse lace ups. I know they aren't the most fashionable item but I've seen a few people (and celebs like Nicole Richie) rockin' them and thought I should give it a try.

I also thought it might encourage me to ride my retro-look bike a bit more (hasn't worked yet).

it's pretty ain't it?

I found a pair of converse at Amart all sports normally priced at $89.95 but going out for a bargain price of ten buckaroonies and my dreams were answered. Sweet deal or what?!

Did anyone try and get every colour in these slip ons back in the day? I look at them now and cringe a little.

Between my twinnie and I I reckon we had at least six pairs. I also had a pair of blue one stars at school and I took such pride in decorating them with glitter and puff paint. Oh those were the days.

Remember, I'd love you to join me  - what was your best buy of the week?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Frockaholics Naughty-Forty-Has-No-U

I have a FROCKAHOLICS $40.00 gift voucher up for grabs that I am just not going to be able to use as I'm trying to behave myself after spoiling myself a little too much in the post (and pre) Christmas sales.

The gift voucher expires on the 11th February so this giveaway will only be open for a short time.

all photos from frockaholics.com

To enter just leave a comment at the bottom of this post. You don't have to be a follower but I'd love it if you were.

Share this giveaway with all of your readers ... it's a good one!

Get your 'entries' in by midnight, wednesday the eighteenth of january!

Peta xxx