Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Thrifted

Short and sweet outfit of the day post. All items were either purchased from an op shop or ebay.

Do any of you shorties sometimes look at photos and realise just how short you look? I look super miniature in these : (

thrifted diana ferrari boots | thrifted grace and nature jeans | thrifted target top | saviour leather jacket via eBay | vintage leather bag

I actually really love the last photo - thanks Leah.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Lady in Red

A month or so back I received an email to advise me I had won this giveaway on the Lucy and the Runaways blog. I chose this dress with the $50 credit I won as well as receiving this dress.

Seeing that the Sheinside site seemed to be of Asian origin I ordered a size M in both dresses and although a bit worried that they were too big when they arrived, the fit and quality aren't too bad. I certainly would not have fit in to a size S. This dress is a thicker cotton type material (even though the item listing states it is 'wool') with a scalloped hem and has received quite a few compliments today. I chose this dress based on the seven (7) 5 star reviews that it had received. This is a really handy tool to have on a site - real life reviews from other shoppers. 

sheinside dress | diana ferrari wedges | vintage oroton belt | ray ban sunnies

The site has a gazillion items on it and has free worldwide shipping so it is worth a look. The pieces are very on trend and are very reasonably priced. Items that caught my attention after a quick squizz at the best sellers list include.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - 70s Poly Poly

Picked up this stunning 70s maxi at Lifeline a couple of days ago in the same trip as the polka dot pants I wore yesterday. It cost $3.50 to take it home with me.

vintage dress | diana ferrari wedges | diva bangles and earrings | ray ban sunnies

It's five weeks until we leave on a jet plane to America! I never think my packing through thoroughly and usually end up packing pieces which do not compliment each other and by the end of the trip I am so sick of the clothes I packed. So this time around I'm going to plan my wardrobe. We are attending a wedding a few days in to our trip so I'll have to pack a couple of options for that but apart from that I'd love your comments as to how you decide what to take. We are going to the San Fracisco/Bay Area for 8 nights and LA for 5 nights. 

Is it selfish to want to get my makeup done for the wedding? I have no idea about makeup and would like to look nice. Do you think professional makeup should be reserved for the bridal party only?

a funny out-take ...

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Giveaway Winners and Pyjamas to Work?!

Sorry it's a bit late but I have just drawn the winners of my photobook giveaway. Thank you to all that entered! The lucky winners are Erica Louise and Zara. 

Congrats girls. I'll be emailing you shortly.

I've seen a few celebs rockin the polka dot pant recently and when these babies turned up at Lifeline yesterday in all their 90s glory I knew I had to grab them ... however much they may look like pj or mc hammer pants. I've only had one (male) co-worker ask if I forgot to finish getting dressed this morning so that is a win.

I can only imagine these may just have belonged to one of the members of Girlfriend (who else was a fan?!).
thrifted katies pants | asos wedges | thrifted the works shirt | sportsgirl scarf | bag from KL | ray ban sunnies

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Good afternoon/good evening and goodnight ... sending hellos to all wherever in the world you're reading from. Are there any readers from outside Australia?! I'd love to hear from you - remember anyone can leave a comment!

Today's outfit is an op shop and retail blend. My favourite item is this tangerine (Roxy, that's for you!) Jane Lamerton cardigan that I picked up from a fantastic charity shop in Toowoomba named Orphans and Widows. The stock comes from fancy-pancy suburbs in Brisbane is is VERY reasonably priced. This cardigan is currently being sold in Myer for I'd imagine at least $80. This was $10 and appears unworn. The fact that it was a size 14 didn't deter me at all. So many other good quality brands are available and most items are $10 and under. If an item isn't sold for six weeks or so it moves up the back to the $2 section!

I'll be frequenting this shop much more often ... they have vintage too!
miss shop dress | asos tights | vintage boots (lifeline) | jane lamerton cardi | ken done vintage bag

and here is a little fun Leah (my trusty photographer) and I had this morning. FAIL.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Blogger shout out - Lauren's Custom Illustrations

Today's post goes out to the awesome and oh-so-talented Lauren from tastes like love.

A couple of months ago I contacted Lauren to commission a picture of my twin sis and her partner for a surprise baby shower gift. Given that I only gave Lauren a couple of weeks lead time I was not surprised (nor disappointed) that it was not ready in time for the shower. I'm glad we didn't rush through the process and what has resulted is a very accurate and detailed interpretation of Ness and Brad. Lauren was so attentive and patient and was happy to make changes (however little) to satisfy me and I couldn't be more pleased. 

Mila (my gorgeous new niece) is now two weeks old. I was both excited and nervous to hear Ness and Brad's reaction to the gift after my dad delivered it to Brisbane. I didn't need to be worried - Ness instagrammed the pic not long after receiving it with the comment 'awesome gift, thx @peta_ballerina. 

I'd recommend you consider getting Lauren to create a picture of you or your loved ones. The effort that goes in to creating the picture far outweighs the cost, and what a unique and personalised (and some would say quriky) gift it is.

(she is doing one of the husband and I at the moment!)

see Lauren's pics here.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Inspired ... Red, White and Animal Print

When I laid eyes on this picture of Kate Moss I knew I had to pin it straight away. Red, white and animal print is a classic in my book and is a look that anyone can recreate usually with pieces directly from their own wardrobe. 

That jacket is AMAZING and if I could look that good in red leather pants (and could afford them for that matter) I'd search around the world for the ultimate pair. But I found an alternative in the form of these Lorna Jane jeggings (which aren't all that cheap themselves to be honest). Thinking back to no more than a year ago you would have never seen me even consider buying, let along wearing jeggings but times are a changing. I'm no Kate Moss but quite like this outfit. Can you really go wrong with this colour/pattern combo?
all iphone photos ahead edited with instagram or Photo Editor.

thrifted jacqui e cardi | target shirt | lorna jane jeggings | corelli ballet flats | guess bag

I have some other random photos to share as well. Some that have made it to instragram and some that haven't - all from my iphone : )
trying on said jeggings at Lorna Jane. Bloody left with the hoodie too.

the one and only mr rock dog

the cutest vintage little boys shirt

all dresses at target were $29 on Saturday. I picked up these two and in doing so, saved myself $70!

an amazing sunset last week.

I've also added some items to my shop my closet page including some vintage gems. Go check it out if you want. Open to offers of course : )

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello blog readers. Happy hump day - thanks for dropping by.

I'd love to hear from any of you who have visited LA or San Francisco within the last couple of years. The husband and I are off to California for a friend's wedding at the end of September. We will be in the bay area for about seven nights and LA for four nights. I haven't booked any accommodation or activities yet so would love to hear any recommendations you might have.

On to today's outfit ... the focal point is this fab 70s shirt. I'm unsure if it's a male or female shirt but I'm rockin' it as a jacket. You like?

asos dress | corelli flats | vintage top/jacket | asos clutch 

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