Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Good afternoon/good evening and goodnight ... sending hellos to all wherever in the world you're reading from. Are there any readers from outside Australia?! I'd love to hear from you - remember anyone can leave a comment!

Today's outfit is an op shop and retail blend. My favourite item is this tangerine (Roxy, that's for you!) Jane Lamerton cardigan that I picked up from a fantastic charity shop in Toowoomba named Orphans and Widows. The stock comes from fancy-pancy suburbs in Brisbane is is VERY reasonably priced. This cardigan is currently being sold in Myer for I'd imagine at least $80. This was $10 and appears unworn. The fact that it was a size 14 didn't deter me at all. So many other good quality brands are available and most items are $10 and under. If an item isn't sold for six weeks or so it moves up the back to the $2 section!

I'll be frequenting this shop much more often ... they have vintage too!
miss shop dress | asos tights | vintage boots (lifeline) | jane lamerton cardi | ken done vintage bag

and here is a little fun Leah (my trusty photographer) and I had this morning. FAIL.

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  1. Thinking back, maybe even electic carrot? Sherbert orange? God I love colours.
    My parents recently repainted their house in "Destructive Mushroom"...a brown/grey colour :)
    Awesome cardi! :)

  2. It's Wednesday morning here and I'm just contemplating getting dressed! Love this colour combo, the cardi is deliciously zingy! x

  3. love the colour of that cardigan, and what a bargain! x

  4. You are adorable! I have a similar pocket watch/necklace and I just love it.
    The jumping photos are enough to make anyone smile. haha :)

  5. I'm from NZ :)
    Love that dress, especially paired with the orange <3
    Those last photos are too cute!