Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - 70s Poly Poly

Picked up this stunning 70s maxi at Lifeline a couple of days ago in the same trip as the polka dot pants I wore yesterday. It cost $3.50 to take it home with me.

vintage dress | diana ferrari wedges | diva bangles and earrings | ray ban sunnies

It's five weeks until we leave on a jet plane to America! I never think my packing through thoroughly and usually end up packing pieces which do not compliment each other and by the end of the trip I am so sick of the clothes I packed. So this time around I'm going to plan my wardrobe. We are attending a wedding a few days in to our trip so I'll have to pack a couple of options for that but apart from that I'd love your comments as to how you decide what to take. We are going to the San Fracisco/Bay Area for 8 nights and LA for 5 nights. 

Is it selfish to want to get my makeup done for the wedding? I have no idea about makeup and would like to look nice. Do you think professional makeup should be reserved for the bridal party only?

a funny out-take ...


  1. ~ I looove that dress!! And I'm jealous of the price tag - great find!
    ~ hehe, I love out take photos; I've got a ton of silly outfit pictures myself. They're fun to put on the blog :)
    ~ I don't think it's selfish to get your makeup professionally done. You're likely going to be taking a ton of pictures and everyone always likes to look their absolute best at weddings - go ahead and get your hair and makeup done, girl! :)
    ~ I've actually recently started trying to pack really light when I go on long trips. Mainly because I don't want to pay for two bags to get checked in since it costs $25; I usually try to fit everything in one check-in and one carry-on. I pack two pairs of shoes (which I know is super hard, especially for fashion bloggers): one pair of heels and one pair of flats. I make sure that all my dresses match with one or both pairs of shoes. I also try to pack no more than two purses, again that go with everything. It's worked for me on the last three or so trips I've taken and it saves on space so that if I go shopping while on vacay, I have room to bring stuff back!
    Enjoy America! It's pretty cool here. ;)

  2. I get serious op shop envy when people find absolute bargains like this, that dress is just fabulous!! I think you should definitely get your make up down if you want to I don't think anyone will mind at all. You are going to have such a good time and America has the best shopping so I recommend packing light.

  3. I love that dress so much, if you didn't look so fabulous in it I'd come over and steal it! x

  4. Your dress is divine and looks amazing on you. Nope, not at all selfish to get your make up done!

  5. Lovely blog.