Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Just popping by quickly this afternoon for a quick outfit of the day post. The last couple of days have been fantastic - a new little person has entered the world and she belongs to my twin sis Ness and her partner Brad.  Ness had a long and tiring labour which ended in cesarean and I felt so sad for her after seeing her 5 or so hours after the operation. She was beyond tired and extremely sore. She really did amazingly. Mila Grace is the cutest little human being and I know she's going to be a little fashionista before too long. Here are some quick insta's if you haven't already seen them.

On to way less exciting things ... my outfit. My hair is in dire need of a keratin treament ... hence the hat.
wrangler twiggy jeans | thrifted trent nathan blazer | thrifted siren heels | target hat


  1. Aww she is so cute! I saw the pics on instagram. So happy for your sister. My friend had her little boy this past weekend. I am so jealous of all these babies being born. They make me want to meet my little one so badly. Not long now though! Your outfit is gorgeous. Very spring!

  2. Mila is so cute and she has no chance with a mum & aunty that dress so well :o) Lucky her!!