Sunday, 20 October 2013

she wears spots,he wears stripes

Earlier in the week my fabulous friend Katy and I decided to check out the cafe at Kunara organic marketplace in Forest Glen. Katy and I have bonded over a number of things and one of those things is our lack of interest or excitement in all things clean eating like superfoods. Listening to her describe the taste of kale to me almost made me wet my pants and certainly did not have me racing into the store to pick some up for that night's dinner. The coffee was good though and the desserts looked pretty damn good too but we both restrained ourselves. It was the perfect occasion to take some snaps of each other too - we both usually have to do mirror selfies.

1990s howard showers dress | miss shop wedges | hilfiger sunnies

Giveaway Time

Hey guys, I'm currently running a giveaway on my sister blog/facebook page. 

You can win this gorgeous outfit for your own little man or would be perfect as a christmas gift!

Go here for deets!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Baby Shower Style

Dressing post pregnancy is certainly hard. I'm struggling with the mummy tummy and also with the idea of dressing appropriately for breastfeeding. I can't really wear those breastfeeding-specific singlets and bras because they don't make them in my size! Talk about small boob discrimination.

Anyway, for my sis-not-yet-in-law's baby shower I wore two new items to my wardrobe - a peplum top from asos and a skirt from the Coles Mix Apparel range. I've never been much of a straight skirt person but the colour, pattern and price of the Lawn Green geo print skirt drew me in.

mix apparel skirt {here} | asos bow back peplum top {here} | sportsgirl studded flats {here}

(Ned obviously wasn't too impressed with his converse hi-tops but I couldn't resist - how cute are they?!)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

What She Wore - Twin Style

Today my twinnie gets a feature on the blog cos I just couldn't resist snapping some photos of her lovely self in a beautiful yellow frock. We attended my brother's partner's baby shower today at a beautiful Italian restaurant at Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast hinterland and enjoyed the beautiful views and weather. We'll get to meet our new little nephew hopefully within the next few weeks. I'll feature my outfit later in the week which included a skirt from Coles!

Ness wears:
tokito dress | diana ferrari wedges | valleygirl headband

Would you like to feature on my blog? Get in contact if you have any ideas!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Night Out

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Katy invited me along to the official opening of the Verily & Bella Lido designer pop up boutique to check out their summer ranges.

My top Verily picks are this gorgeous one shoulder dress and amazing laser-cut style bag. 

From Bella Lido I loved these shorts in the genius tangerine and watermelon colour combo and the green sammy snake pants.

So many beautiful colors and designs but being only five weeks after giving birth I decided it wasn't the best idea to buy anything as I KNOW my size will change over the next few months. 

We enjoyed a glass of bubbly or two and some lovely canapes and then headed up Mooloolaba Esplanade where I indulged in a cocktail. I hope I wasn't on my phone too much wondering how the husband was coping at home with the baby but those three hours were wonderful. 

I wore a thirteen dollar Dotti dress and worried out whether my freshly painted white nails looked like a white-out job. 

dotti dress | diva accessories

I'm Alive!

So I've been quite the absent blogger of late but that is what happens when a little human requires so much of your time! I'm loving my little man so much but at times it can be challenging not to mention lonely. Luckily, Ned has a fantastic honorary Aunt who he has been seeing at least once a week providing me with some much needed adult time. Introducing my friend, Katy who blogs over at Katy Potaty. We've really hit it off and it helps that she is totally smitten with my little man. I do sometimes wonder though if she only wants to hang out with me to get Ned time. Oh well, I'll take it either way. We've been coffee-ing, lunching, wine-ing, walking and talking about reality TV, fashion and how annoying our husbands are lol.

Here are some random snaps from the last month. 

I hope to catch up on blogs soon - I really do miss seeing what's happening in your lives!