Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What I wore Wednesday

Navy and Orange/Polka Dots and Full skirts  - what a winning combination. This outfit even got the thumbs up from the husband and that is very rare.
Free Fusion top (thrifted), asos skirt, diana ferrari heels (thrifted), cassette society sunglasses (thread people), guess bag (gift from a friend) 

This weekend we are off to the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival. It is a bi-annual event and this will be my third trip. My husband grew up in Stanthorpe and this festival is lots of fun. There is every possibility that we may have brought a child into the world for the 2014 festival so I'm going to make the most of this one!

Happy hump day xxx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Game of Tennis Anyone?

Thought I'd share with you all a couple of the many goodies I've picked up over the last week or so at my favourite kind of outlet - an op shop or garage sale.

First up, is a dressmaker's model snapped up at a garage sale for five dollars yesterday. It is the perfect accompaniment to the sewing machine that mum and dad bought me for my birthday : )
(now I just need to figure out how to use it!)

The other super special item is an old tennis dress with the sweetest peter pan collar and little tennis appliques. It was three dollars from Lifeline and all it needs is a bit of napisan action to bring it back to life. I hope to wear it in winter with tights although it looks a little short.

Pop on over to Sophie's to see lots of other thrift action.


Buy of the Week

Patience paid off this week ... a pair of Riders baby pink skinnies that I had noticed a couple of months ago came home with me when MYER so kindly took an extra fifty percent off the sale items in the miss shop department.

They are a very fine corduroy in the cutest baby/lolly pink. Usually I would steer well clear of cord but these were too adorable to leave behind.

They were reduced to $35 from an original $100. I also picked up some riders denim shorts and a pair of riders bumster vegas  jeans as well as a Ladakh jumpsuit and miss shop animal print dress. I might have gone a little crazy but how can you resist for an extra 50% off!

Flea Market Finds soon.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Send-It-Forward ... a seventies beauty and Johnson : )

I recently was the lucky winner of Zara's send-it-forward gift and I'm very much looking forward to receiving it.

As a recipient, it is now my duty to offer some goodies up to the lovely blogger community. All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which item you'd like to receive and commit to offering a send-it-forward gift to another fellow blogger. It can be a crafted, thrifted or new item - it's up to you.

Easy, peasy!

Seventies Maxi Skirt

This seventies maxi skirt is more beautiful than words can describe!

It is in a thicker material so would be perfect for winter wear.

It has a reasonably small waist (estimate AUS sz 8) but could be easily altered. It falls to the floor.

I can see a lot of bloggers rockin' this skirt and I can't wait to see the recipient in it!

I'm happy to post this beauty world wide.

Retro Side Plates

The other item I'd like to pass on is four Johnson of Australia side plates. All plates have the same pattern and are in excellent condition. Unfortunately I will only post these within Australia.

Remember, all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which item you'd like to receive and why ...

Happy Friday friends xxx

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Don't you Hate it

So ... you're reading a blog and then you see someone wearing something that you've been ummming and ahhhing about for a while and immediately your doubts have disappeared and your mind is made up.

I just saw this image.

image from here via here

Everything about this outfit is amazing! The bun, sunnies, dress, belt, trench and the gumboots.

You see, I've been lusting after a pair of Hunter wellies/gumboots/rainboots for a while but have been having trouble justifying spending $100+ on a pair of rubber boots.

I saw a chicky babe at Pizza Hut (in Toowoomba of all places) one day rockin a pair as just a regular pair of boots and mentioned to my husband that that is what I wanted for my birthday. He basically shut me down and told me that was a ridiculous idea for a present.
Boo : (

I told him that I'd sort a birthday present out for myself secretly thinking I'd buy the boots anyway. Nearly a week on from my birthday I haven't got myself anything yet. The husband then said 'I thought you were getting the boots!'
... Um, hello!!!

Does anyone own a pair of Hunters? My only worry is that they won't fit my 'netballer legs'.

And then what colour do I get? Decisions, decisions.

Peta xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What I Wore (Retro) Wednesday

Welcome to another instalment of  What I wore Wednesday! Today I decided to showcase one of my recent Lifeline purchases. The fit is pretty good but man the arm holes are small!

vintage dress, vintage clutch, hot options wedges, asos belt, china glaze 'hey sailor' polish

I'll be contacting asos today about this bloody belt! I just received this dress in the mail and thought the orange was a perfect match to my retro orange. The stupid thing won't stay closed for any longer than a couple of minutes and then it pops off as per the top left action shot!

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Welcome to my new followers! I always get such a thrill when I see a new reader is on board. Don't be shy!

I was very lucky to win a prize as part of Zara's participation in the pay-it-forward project. I'll be offering up some goodies soon if you want to participate. I'm thinking a gorgeous 70s maxi skirt and maybe some Johnson crockery. Stay tuned!

Peta xxx

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bachelorette-ing It Up!

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a bunch of gorgeous and super hilarious girlies to celebrate the impending nuptials of the super beautiful Bec.

We stayed at the Old Church in the Byron Bay hinterland at Newrybar. It is a stunning place to stay and so close to the award winning restaurant The Harvest Cafe where we enjoyed a fabulous meal on Saturday night. I can highly recommend the accommodation and the restaurant if you are looking for somewhere to stay and eat around the Byron/Bangalow area and have a group up to twelve people.

(It could sleep a whole lot more than that though)

images from here

Now for the fun images ... some 'stolen' from one of the lovely party girls from the weekend. Thanks Jodi or is that Judy?!

warning ... there is a few.

c'mon!!, dinner, quoits, 'happy', self timer, struttin', the hen and i, sexy legs, time to go home, charades

the hen had an 'interesting' dream about Llyeton

pin the tail, charades, more pinning, and more charades.

It was a fabulous weekend with friends old and new!

Peta xxx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Op Shop Goodies

There would rarely be a week that goes by that I wouldn't at least hit one op shop or tackle the Saturday morning craziness otherwise known as garage sales. I seem to constantly forget though to share what goodies I have found. Here is a bit of a look at a couple of things I've found lately : )

retro dress and jacket heaven! All around $3.00 each and about my size. Love the patterns!

shabby step ladder - five dollars & vintage umbrella - one dollar (both garage sale)

Playing along with Sophie today. Have you found anything lately?!
Peta xxx