Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It's time for what I wore Wednesday again darlings!

Today's dress was picked up at trade secret last week - $10 cheaper than what the tag said it was. Hello $10 dress!

Obvious dress, asos heels, asos clutch, vintage belt

After seeing these photos I am wondering why everyone at work was telling me how nice my hair looked this morning - freshly washed and left to dry naturally and all. All I see is a pathetic mess of half-assed waves and a whole lot more of frizzy-frizz-frizz. I'll be attacking that with the GHD when I get home!

A big thanks must go to my fabulous co-worker and stand-in photographer Mr Keith Smith ... go check out his work on facebook.My regular photographer was a silly billy and injured herself gardening! Nothing like a shovel through your foot to make use of your health insurance. Get better soon Leah : )

Last but not least, happy birthday to one of my favourite people - Miss Lisa Brockbank! If you are having a bub or are looking for a baby pressie, go check out her lovely creations!

Peta xxx


  1. Great coloured dress the cluth compliments it nicely.

    Just read your wedding article in tickle the imagination, it's gorgeous!

  2. Haha I always find that too, whenever I do nothing to my hair I get the most compliments! I think it looks great :)

    Love your nails! x