Friday, 10 February 2012

Buy of the Week

I guess I'm cheating this week as the husband and I picked up this item at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago - not this week but hey, it was a buy of the week a few weeks ago before I started this feature!

It's an old radiogram and we estimate it to be approximately from the 60s.

The best bit?
It was FIVE dollars!

Honestly we didn't care if it worked or not as we thought it would make a great and functional piece of furniture - and that it does! It fits in quite nicely with my old TV/suitcase/fan/clock setup in the corner of the loungeroom.

We haven't tried the record player but the radio does work. I need to get my electrician dad (yes, it's very handy) to check it out though. We left it plugged in the day we got it and returned home to a very smoky smelling house. We have confirmed now that it was the radiogram as it trips off the power switch when you plug it in.

We did have this bookcase laid on its side as our under-the-TV unit but now it has a nice home in the corner.

Please let me know if these homey type posts are boring the bee-jesus out of you!

Have a fab weekend.

Peta xxx


  1. I like homey posts! I also spotted three tv series I love in your dvd shelf.

  2. No no, homey posts are awesome! I love seeing how other bloggers adapt pieces like this into their homes and how it works! I love the tv suitcase corner feature. Decorative suitcases look really sweet around the house.


  3. That is awesome! And what a bargain! I like homey posts as I'm about to move out, I need decorating ideas!

  4. I like looking inside other people's houses. I love the leather suitcases, when I move out I want to have a stack of them in my living room.