Thursday, 23 February 2012

Don't you Hate it

So ... you're reading a blog and then you see someone wearing something that you've been ummming and ahhhing about for a while and immediately your doubts have disappeared and your mind is made up.

I just saw this image.

image from here via here

Everything about this outfit is amazing! The bun, sunnies, dress, belt, trench and the gumboots.

You see, I've been lusting after a pair of Hunter wellies/gumboots/rainboots for a while but have been having trouble justifying spending $100+ on a pair of rubber boots.

I saw a chicky babe at Pizza Hut (in Toowoomba of all places) one day rockin a pair as just a regular pair of boots and mentioned to my husband that that is what I wanted for my birthday. He basically shut me down and told me that was a ridiculous idea for a present.
Boo : (

I told him that I'd sort a birthday present out for myself secretly thinking I'd buy the boots anyway. Nearly a week on from my birthday I haven't got myself anything yet. The husband then said 'I thought you were getting the boots!'
... Um, hello!!!

Does anyone own a pair of Hunters? My only worry is that they won't fit my 'netballer legs'.

And then what colour do I get? Decisions, decisions.

Peta xxx


  1. Ooh, I love the idea of rubber boots with dresses, and so practical! I really like the red... do they come in pink or blue?

    xx Nicole

  2. there are awesome! i have had olive green gumboots on my 'to buy' list for ages! you will have to show us when they arrive :)

    Have a great weekend - Kel x

  3. I own the black glossy hunter ones.
    Black because it goes with everything and glossy well to make them that bit more glamourous ;) haha x

  4. I've been seeing Hunters on so many blogs lately! I think you should defo get yourself a pair if thats what you truly want. Last year somebody said something to me that completely changed the way I shop. She said how she picked up a pair of basic ballet flats and they were $8, and she said, 'oh well i've gotten eight wears out of them so i at least got my value out of them'. And I realised I bought lots of dresses, shirts & skirts that were wayyyy over priced, and I'd only worn them once or twice and were thinking of getting rid of them. So if you think you'll get at least 50 wears out of them, do it! Shut your husband down with that one! It works with mine!