Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ironing Out the Wrinkles

Friday morning just passed, my alarm woke me up at four fifteen to prepare me for two long days of Toowoomba Swap Meet action. My excitement for the two days ahead decreased pretty early on Friday morning when the weather proved that it was going to be horrid all day.

That didn't stop mum and I from exploring the vast Toowoomba showgrounds packed to the brim with stall holders selling things from car parts to clothes and everything in between.

THE most beautiful cash register was spotted nearby to our site but at a pricely sum of $2,200 I knew it wouldn't be coming home with me.

I didn't discover any real treasures on Friday and was feeling a little disheartened. I'd made about $150 by about lunchtime Saturday and wanted to spend it! We went for a bit more of a wander and I went past the stall with the oh-so-booootiful cash register.

I found my treasure! 
A vintage ironing board. 

I'd seen one on Sophie's flea market finds recently and from then, knew it was something I just had to have.

I quickly styled the ironing board in the laundry this morning. The milk glass vase and the glass jar are swap meet purchases too. More on them later.

What do you think? It may inspire me to keep the laundry tidier from now on.

Peta xxx


  1. That looks really neat! There is a cafe that my husband loves to go to and they use vintage ironing boards (like the one you snapped up!) as their front window 'benches'. It works in a very strange way.


  2. Love it! you're so creative xx

  3. That ironing board is fantastic, what a great find.