Monday, 30 April 2012

Blue and Green should never be seen

pffft ... whatevs. I think blue and green can totally work.

vintage dress, target wedges
We had friends over for dinner on Saturday night and I rocked this vintage maxi with THE best back. Do you not agree?!

In other exciting news, the husband and I booked flights to America in late September. A very good friend who I met whilst working in the U.S is getting married and we decided to make it a priority to go. 
Here is us when she first visited Australia in 2006 at a club in Cairns. This was one of the best nights of my life. We partied so hard that we got home and fell asleep forgetting to farewell another friend who was flying back to America early that monring. Hi Diana!
We are going for two weeks and will spend half our time in the San Francisco/Bay Area and the other half in LA. This means I'm officially putting myself on a spending ban as of May (read tomorrow!) so am madly trying to make sure I have enough items to get me through till at least August (hello online shopping). I have been on a ban before and did quite well. I was still able to op shop so that somewhat satisfied my habit. That will be the case this time too. 

Happy Monday xxx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Latest Purchases + Keratin

I've been a bit quiet on the ol-blogosphere lately but thought I would pop by with some recent purchases. I may have been going a little nuts lately and will be promptly placing myself on a spending ban to save for a trip to the US in late September.
Naturally I couldn't resist the 25% off asos code on Anzac Day and added these items to my basket.

My question is ... how would you style the jeans?

Oh, and I may have taken a gamble and purchased these soles by nude boots on eBay for a bargain price. They might arrive and I may hate them but I may love them too.

I've been battling tonsillitis for a week now and the penicillin is not doing what it is supposed to. Regarldess of how lousy I was feeling I had already booked in a keratin straightening treatment at the gold coast on Tuesday and dind't want to cancel at the last minute. It was a $99 deal I bought on spreets and it claimed to be $450 value. I am super happy with the results - I washed my hair for hte first time this morning, roughly blow dried it and only had to straighten the top layer. So much less maintenance!! If you have been consiering getting a keratin smoothing treatment done please email me with any questions you may have. I would totally recommend it! 

Here I am post blow dry - hello no frizzies!

and post straighten - top layer only ...

Hope your weekend is spent enjoying whatever it is you enjoy doing. 


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Morning lovelies from a little tired and weary young lady.

Last night M (from Allure and Grace Styling) and I travelled down to BrisVegas to attend the Fabled & True/Blossom Fashion Parade. Neither of us had ever been to a parade before so weren't entirely sure what to expect. After walking in the wrong direction and getting a bit lost we finally asked a local for help and found the location - the Kerbside Bar tucked away between Wickham and Ann streets.

The parade showcased some AMAZING pieces and the models looked perfect but it left me wondering whether the designer made items for average size girls like me.

 Either way, the collection was gorgeous. My favourite was the dress above ... a perfect vintage-inspired wedding dress.

This is what I planned to wear:


and I actually followed through ...
vintage dress and belt, dotti clutch, vivienne westwood pumps

Today I'm sporting a quickly put together outfit but one which I don't mind. I had quite the sleep in this morning due to getting home pretty late last night.

wearing vintage blouse, river island belt, asos cullotes, ray ban sunnies

Have a lovely Wednesday. Come follow me on instagram - peta_ballerina!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Jumpin' in the Puddles

Hooray, it is raining today ... well sort of - enough to crack open the hunter box and wear my new gumboots!

Thank you to all who put in their two cents as to which colour I should get.

I ended up with these:

glossy black.

I may have caved and also got the red ... stay tuned for an outfit post with those!

I've instagrammed them - check it out to your right! And come follow me - peta_ballerina!

My twinnie is down in Melbourne this weekend. A final holiday before the baby comes and has just posted a photo of the Zara store on facebook. I've just requested a bright blazer but doubt she'll take my comment seriously! Here is a photo of us at one of our besties weddings recently.

I love this girl. She is my best friend. I wish I got to see her more.

I only just found the touch up effects in picasa and had a good ol play with the effects. The edit program piknik is being discontinued as of next week some time. DEVO!! The airbrush feature is


Here is the photo before.

Oh, and if you're interested I bought the boots from and they currently have 10% off all items and free delivery. The code expires on the 17th April.

Have a fabulous weekend xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

My fashion inspiration pinboard seems to be almost daily updated with images directly from the gorgeous Atlantic Pacific.

Today's outfit inspiration was this.I adored the mix of colours and textures and so want to get me a chunky cable knit green jumper for the cooler months.

ralph lauren jumper, riders by lee jeans, thrifted country road flats, old kmart belt, thrifted just jeans old linen shirt, glomesh-like vintage purse, cassette society sunnies

Thought I would throw in some ADORABLE photos of the rock dog. I never get sick of him and his silly faces. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday Randomness

Hope everyone has recovered from the long weekend and prepared themselves for another 4 day working week. Not much happened on my weekend except for a lot of tidying, a little bit of shopping and some lovely family time.

Last night, the husband and I started looking at houses for our sea change at the end of the year. It is exciting and daunting all at the same time. We would love to have a decent sized yard AND live close to the beach but unfortunately those characteristics are very hard to find TOGETHER.It seems there are lots of yards where the pool takes up like 80% of the area! Oh, and the husband would like at least a 3 bay shed and I NEED a good wardrobe. And I have to have a house that does not require any work. Completely FINISHED - no renovating required!

We don't have our heart set on any one area on the Sunshine Coast so we did a broad search of the region.

We liked the look of this place but I think it's a bit too far out in the sticks. Nice yard, a pool, beautiful verandah and not too shabby inside. The huge wine cabinet caught my eye!

I like the benchtop and bathroom in this place but the theatre room is a LOT too red and there is basically no yard.

Love the outdoor entertaining area in this one (hubby would love a full outdoor kitchen) but check out the lack of yard, the el-cheapo carpet (I'm not a fan of carpet) and the puny kitchen!

all images from

Even though new houses look all pretty, shiny and new, I think our style would better suit an older, renovated house. Think BIG back yard, polished floors and decent sized bedrooms. Is this house stuff boring or are you interested in joining us on our hunt for a new pad?

In other news, I was on my way to have a gander at Trade Secret yesterday afternoon and saw that the Everyday Living store was going to be closing down in 4 days and everything was 80-90% off. It was a bit chaotic in there but I managed to get a coffee table and a vintage look industrial hall table for $104! The hall table was 10% of its original cost and the coffee table was $60 or 20% of its original cost. The hall table is staying in its box until we move - I have too much furniture as it is!

Finally, I was all pumped to ride my bike to work today wearing these two items

and then realised the tyres were just about flat. I might try again tomorrow. It would be nice to win this sportsgirl competition.

Maybe I should just enter this photo. What do we think?

Till later peeps. xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I've been a little slack on the outfit posting (well all posting lately) but I'm back with enthusiasm!

I picked up this cute (what I thought was a dress) romper from Myer in Queen Street Mall (Brisbane) on Sunday for 75% off the marked price. Its original price was something like $89.95 ... a little lot steep if you ask me! It may be a little short for work but I work in a pretty casual workplace so it's all peachy keen.

shoulder pads baby!

better make sure i don't flash anyone any boobage today!

lipsy romper, delirium  loafers

What does everyone have planned for Easter? The husband and I don't have too many plans - hopefully just a lot of relaxing and eating ... and maybe some cleaning.

Finally, have you watched Two Broke Girls? It is totally my new favourite show. How could you not love it with lines like these:

'we have a pooper in stall two' ... 'who shops and plops, i mean really?'