Monday, 30 April 2012

Blue and Green should never be seen

pffft ... whatevs. I think blue and green can totally work.

vintage dress, target wedges
We had friends over for dinner on Saturday night and I rocked this vintage maxi with THE best back. Do you not agree?!

In other exciting news, the husband and I booked flights to America in late September. A very good friend who I met whilst working in the U.S is getting married and we decided to make it a priority to go. 
Here is us when she first visited Australia in 2006 at a club in Cairns. This was one of the best nights of my life. We partied so hard that we got home and fell asleep forgetting to farewell another friend who was flying back to America early that monring. Hi Diana!
We are going for two weeks and will spend half our time in the San Francisco/Bay Area and the other half in LA. This means I'm officially putting myself on a spending ban as of May (read tomorrow!) so am madly trying to make sure I have enough items to get me through till at least August (hello online shopping). I have been on a ban before and did quite well. I was still able to op shop so that somewhat satisfied my habit. That will be the case this time too. 

Happy Monday xxx


  1. Loving the backless maxi; thinking of rocking out a maxi to a friends wedding in a few weeks as it is super chilly in Toowoomba of late! Where did you get the maxi from??

  2. Ahh.. the old Smirnoff Blacks, hilarious!
    Also, am still loving the cropped do. Suits you SO much