Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday Randomness

Hope everyone has recovered from the long weekend and prepared themselves for another 4 day working week. Not much happened on my weekend except for a lot of tidying, a little bit of shopping and some lovely family time.

Last night, the husband and I started looking at houses for our sea change at the end of the year. It is exciting and daunting all at the same time. We would love to have a decent sized yard AND live close to the beach but unfortunately those characteristics are very hard to find TOGETHER.It seems there are lots of yards where the pool takes up like 80% of the area! Oh, and the husband would like at least a 3 bay shed and I NEED a good wardrobe. And I have to have a house that does not require any work. Completely FINISHED - no renovating required!

We don't have our heart set on any one area on the Sunshine Coast so we did a broad search of the region.

We liked the look of this place but I think it's a bit too far out in the sticks. Nice yard, a pool, beautiful verandah and not too shabby inside. The huge wine cabinet caught my eye!

I like the benchtop and bathroom in this place but the theatre room is a LOT too red and there is basically no yard.

Love the outdoor entertaining area in this one (hubby would love a full outdoor kitchen) but check out the lack of yard, the el-cheapo carpet (I'm not a fan of carpet) and the puny kitchen!

all images from realestate.com.au

Even though new houses look all pretty, shiny and new, I think our style would better suit an older, renovated house. Think BIG back yard, polished floors and decent sized bedrooms. Is this house stuff boring or are you interested in joining us on our hunt for a new pad?

In other news, I was on my way to have a gander at Trade Secret yesterday afternoon and saw that the Everyday Living store was going to be closing down in 4 days and everything was 80-90% off. It was a bit chaotic in there but I managed to get a coffee table and a vintage look industrial hall table for $104! The hall table was 10% of its original cost and the coffee table was $60 or 20% of its original cost. The hall table is staying in its box until we move - I have too much furniture as it is!

Finally, I was all pumped to ride my bike to work today wearing these two items

and then realised the tyres were just about flat. I might try again tomorrow. It would be nice to win this sportsgirl competition.

Maybe I should just enter this photo. What do we think?

Till later peeps. xxx

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