Wednesday, 27 March 2013

what i wore wednesday - asos maternity

At twenty one weeks and four days I've embraced maternity fashion and am proudly rocking a pair of asos maternity jeans that arrived in the mail yesterday. I've actually purchased quite a few asos maternity items of late (pictured below) and although I'm probably still a bit 'small' for most of them and/or the weather isn't cool enough yet I'm excited to wear them. I've long been a fan of asos, and their maternity range sure does not disappoint. Women should realise maternity fashion isn't all doom and gloom - that the options that you see at your local kmart or target isn't everything that is out there. I for one am not into the cross over top with three-quarter pants look - no matter how comfy it may be.
top left here | top right here | bottom left here | bottom right here

left here | right here

Remember to just pick your regular size! The jeans I am wearing today (top right in the first picture) are a size 12 (the size I would normally buy to be on the safe side) and are pretty true to size. My bump isn't really big enough yet but they sure are comfy and I really think they are going to see me all the way through this pregnancy. I tried on the 'shapewear' dress this morning (a size 10) and really think it's going to help make everything look that much smoother. I think I'll need a few more items to get me through the next four and a half months and given that I'm happy with the current items I've received from asos I'll no doubt be purchasing more (of course only when a discount code is available). 

everyone needs a party dress right?! here

asos jeans | river island belt | review top (thrifted) | urban soul flats | sportsgirl scarf (in hair) | vintage clutch (thrifted) | michael kors watch

The asos maternity range can be found here

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Sporty Sista

My expanding belly is limiting the choices I have to select from in the morning to wear to work. Being a bit of a gym nut I have quite the selection of sports gear and thought I would see if I could get away with dressing up, what is essentially, gym gear, with a pair of ballet flats and a bangle.
lorna jane vest (gifted) | coca cola 'for the party' singlet (thrifted) | nike high shine tights from asos (here) | katies flats | diva bangle
I've made it past half way! 

Friday, 15 March 2013

It's a boy

If you read my post yesterday you would know that I was heading off for my 20 week pregnancy scan. The husband and I were both keen to find out the sex and on the way he said 'if it's a boy we need to stop at Amart (a sports store) on the way home and and get a cowboys jersey' (his favourite football team) ...

The scan went fantastically well - the baby is measuring slightly bigger than the due date but only by a couple of days and everything is completely normal. The lady doing the scan had done all her official measurements and checks so I had to ask 'can you tell what sex it is?' She asked if we both wanted to know and excitedly/nervously we both replied yes. It didn't take long for her to find the 'willy' and the 'scrotum'.


Man, Now I'm going to have to learn how to clean boy bits! lol

Would love to hear some boy names if you have any suggestions. 

Let the shopping and decorating begin!!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink or Blue

Today is the day ... pink or blue day. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, we are having our 20 week scan at three o'clock and hopefully we'll get to find out the sex of baby bourke. That is if he or she cooperates. I honestly have no inkling of what we are having. My twinnie said she thought she was having a boy but did say she thought that only really because she wanted to have a girl. I'll be happy either way cos it means I can start shopping and decorating!!!

 dotti dress | karen walker sunnies | urban soul flats 

Isn't this guy just the cutest. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth right?! WRONG
We found out on Monday that he has been escaping out of our yard and familiarising himself with the neighbourhood. We never knew because he was always home when we got home from work. It was only when a lady spotted us walking him that she pulled over and said he has gotten out a few times. Scary thing is we live near a pretty busy road and he isn't totally street smart. On Tuesday, we shut him in the fenced pool area thinking that would be a good temporary measure until we could fix the gate so he couldn't contortion himself under it to get out. I went home at lunch and he'd dug his way out and was asleep under the house. So I tied him up. He was no longer tied up when the husband got home from work. We had another go at fixing the gate for Wednesday. When the husband got home, Rocky was waiting on the street side of the gate. Our gate mods meant that Rocky could still get out but could not make his way back in. We've tried another method today so hopefully that works until we can think of a more permanent solution.

Sorry too much text! Thanks as always for reading.

So, three hours till the scan. What's your prediction? BOY or GIRL?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Fridays are made for ...

Fridays are made for a comfy dress, minimal jewellery, sandals and giving my eyes a rest from contacts.

sunnygirl dress | dior glasses | hogans family jewellers rings 

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wearing a bump in Boohoo

Hello dear readers. Thanks for stopping by. Did anyone see my post on instagram yesterday? If not, why not? Come and be my follower - I'm peta_ballerina. Let me know your insta username if I don't follow you already. Anyway, I thought I was pretty clever. In case you didn't see it ... 
The husband didn't get it. He gets confused when hashtags are involved. 

This dress is from Boohoo and was ordered by my twinnie. She hasn't worn it as it is not suitable for breast feeding so passed it on to me. I haven't ordered anything from boohoo personally and didn't think I would as I thought the images of the items on the website looked to be of poor quality. This dress contradicts that thought. The quality is better that what I would expect from valleygirl or ally and maybe even dotti. This one is a size 12 and in my opinion, a small 12. I'm usually an 8 or 10 in dresses and would say this is more like a 10. I'm not sure how much it was but I might pop over to the site and see if they have any elastic waist print pants available. I'm at the stage where pants and jeans with a button and zip just are of no interest which cuts out most of my bottoms options for the cooler weather. I think skirts and shorts are just about out too. 

 boohoo dress | esprit blazer | sachi heels | michael kors watch

I'm on my eye out for a chair like this. I'm pretty sure mum and dad had one of these when we were younger but it probably landed up at the dump or something. Who knew that they would become so valuable. They are fetching over $100 on eBay. I'm hoping to find one magically at an op or garage sale for a fiver. I may totally be dreaming but hey, you've got to dream don't you? I have family and friends on the lookout too. If you are in QLD and you spot one, let me know. Or better yet, buy it, let me know and whatever you do - don't keep it for yourself! 

I'm booked in for my twenty week scan in one week's time - for those that care that is next Thursday at 3pm. I'm so bloody excited to find out the sex so hopefully the baby is cooperative and calm enough for us to see its 'bits'. After the scan I've booked in to treat myself to a deluxe mani and pedi so it will definitely be a treat day. My nails are in desperate need of attention!

Have a fabulous weekend