Wednesday, 27 March 2013

what i wore wednesday - asos maternity

At twenty one weeks and four days I've embraced maternity fashion and am proudly rocking a pair of asos maternity jeans that arrived in the mail yesterday. I've actually purchased quite a few asos maternity items of late (pictured below) and although I'm probably still a bit 'small' for most of them and/or the weather isn't cool enough yet I'm excited to wear them. I've long been a fan of asos, and their maternity range sure does not disappoint. Women should realise maternity fashion isn't all doom and gloom - that the options that you see at your local kmart or target isn't everything that is out there. I for one am not into the cross over top with three-quarter pants look - no matter how comfy it may be.
top left here | top right here | bottom left here | bottom right here

left here | right here

Remember to just pick your regular size! The jeans I am wearing today (top right in the first picture) are a size 12 (the size I would normally buy to be on the safe side) and are pretty true to size. My bump isn't really big enough yet but they sure are comfy and I really think they are going to see me all the way through this pregnancy. I tried on the 'shapewear' dress this morning (a size 10) and really think it's going to help make everything look that much smoother. I think I'll need a few more items to get me through the next four and a half months and given that I'm happy with the current items I've received from asos I'll no doubt be purchasing more (of course only when a discount code is available). 

everyone needs a party dress right?! here

asos jeans | river island belt | review top (thrifted) | urban soul flats | sportsgirl scarf (in hair) | vintage clutch (thrifted) | michael kors watch

The asos maternity range can be found here

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  1. I lived in my asos maternity skinnies - yours look great and the flats are cute too x

  2. I kind of want maternity jeans just to wear in my normal day to day life - they look way comfier then normal jeans! I love that dress with the cute elbow patches :)

  3. You look fantastic!!!! Good on you!

  4. Oh super cute! I know where to go now when I get pregnant. PS: congratulations. xx

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy! You look beautiful x

  6. You are looking amazing!! I actually enjoyed being pregnant in summer as it was easy to wear dresses and loose tops and skirts. I hated my stomach being restricted so would have struggled in jeans and tights in Melbourne in winter!

    I had a few ASOS pieces that I loved and you don't feel so bad throwing them away as they're cheap!!

    Enjoy x