Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pink or Blue

Today is the day ... pink or blue day. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, we are having our 20 week scan at three o'clock and hopefully we'll get to find out the sex of baby bourke. That is if he or she cooperates. I honestly have no inkling of what we are having. My twinnie said she thought she was having a boy but did say she thought that only really because she wanted to have a girl. I'll be happy either way cos it means I can start shopping and decorating!!!

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Isn't this guy just the cutest. Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth right?! WRONG
We found out on Monday that he has been escaping out of our yard and familiarising himself with the neighbourhood. We never knew because he was always home when we got home from work. It was only when a lady spotted us walking him that she pulled over and said he has gotten out a few times. Scary thing is we live near a pretty busy road and he isn't totally street smart. On Tuesday, we shut him in the fenced pool area thinking that would be a good temporary measure until we could fix the gate so he couldn't contortion himself under it to get out. I went home at lunch and he'd dug his way out and was asleep under the house. So I tied him up. He was no longer tied up when the husband got home from work. We had another go at fixing the gate for Wednesday. When the husband got home, Rocky was waiting on the street side of the gate. Our gate mods meant that Rocky could still get out but could not make his way back in. We've tried another method today so hopefully that works until we can think of a more permanent solution.

Sorry too much text! Thanks as always for reading.

So, three hours till the scan. What's your prediction? BOY or GIRL?


  1. Aww that sucks that your dog keeps coming out especially when you live near a busy road. That would make me feel so paranoid!

    I think boy!

  2. I've no idea, I'm afraid, but I know it'll be gorgeous with you as a mother.
    Rocky's adorable and very naughty. x

  3. Naughty puppy dog. hope the new tactic works at keeping in the yard and safe.
    Oh i hope bub is a girl.

  4. I love that he snuck back so you didn't know he was missing-perfect crime... Little Houdini!!

  5. I think I saw on your instagram that you were buying blue things so I'm going to go with BOY! congrats hun! x