Thursday, 28 February 2013


Today's look is definitely one I can see myself channelling over the months to come. Plain and simple - black and white or to sound a bit more hip, the monochrome trend. I've already bought about 3 dresses in black and white as well as a pair of zebra print pants (more on those soon). You just simply can't go wrong. Add in some stripes and you're on to a winner. Can you believe I'm wearing boots normally tucked away until winter in summer? AND I live on the Sunshine Coast!!

portmans dress | diva necklace and earrings | ray ban glasses from OPSM | tony bianco boots

Oh, I mentioned some zebra pants didn't I? This was them. They looked better in person, were reduced to $30 and were perfect for my expanding waistline. Pull on pants don't just have to be for grannies you know! Well who knows where I put them. I fear I may have experienced my first baby brain moment and thrown the bag out without emptying its contents. There was also a cute neon sleeveless top in there also from Barkins. Let's hope I can find the bag but I am pretty certain it's sitting in landfill. Boo. Barkins fancy supplying a poor pregnant lady a replacement pair?

Sorry for those sick of these token belly shots. I'm enjoying this little bump. Seeing Mez from Domestic Divinity's bump yesterday was a little scary - I realise that is me in roughly 20 weeks. All the best Mez for the arrival of your little girl real soon!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Crushing On and Needs to be Crushed

Just checking out the Oscars fashion on this dreary day at work. This is not my regular sort of post but thought I'd share my HOT and NOT pics.

Amy Adams - stunning.

Naomi Watts - i love me a sequin frock

Not usually a fan of the split but Jennifer Hudson looks amazing!

Charlize Theron - simple elegance. 

Georgina Chapman - knows how to rock a bump (Marchesa - need I say more?)


Jennifer Aniston - I am just not a fan of the fabric and i'm not sure red suits her

Anne Hathaway - I just find this boring. Anyone else?

no comment required - I guess it may be traditional but still. 

Helen Hunt - ever heard of an iron?

all pics sourced from hereand here

Who were your picks?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pregnant in Peplum

Today is my first attempt at seeing what the peplum trend is all about. This top from target was reduced to something like $6 so what better way to introduce myself to this oh-so-popular trend. It's soft and super comfortable but I'm unsure if it's suitable for a pregnant belly (if you can make one out at all). I teamed it with some old skorts from ally and my faithful asos brogues

hot options top | ally skorts | asos brogues

Saturday we went to my sister's mother-in-law's 50th birthday extravanganza. It was heaps of fun to dress up and play around in the photo booth. Can you believe my sissy picked up the Cooper St sequin dress I'm wearing at an op shop for $3?!

Also, I read this morning that fat mum slim in conjunction with blurb is offering a free photo book for anyone worldwide on Saturday for 24 hours only (must pay for postage though) . Like many of us, I have yet to print any of my instagram/facebook photos and when a free photo book is on offer ... why not?!
see the details here.

I might have been sent an email from asos with a 25% off code and might have checked out with these couple of items in my cart. 

this one should see my quite well through the pregnancy - here

I've ordered these a size up so I can wear them throughout the next couple of months. I'm too povo to buy leather leggings and I thought these were a good substitute - here

I'm totally loving monochrome at the moment - anyone else? I didn't notice these yesterday but I will definiltey be putting them in my wishlist

Seventeen weeks on Sunday : )

Friday, 15 February 2013

Weekend Excitement

Hey ho.

It's near the end of the working week and I am really looking forward to the weekend:

* date night dinner at French Restaurant Le Baroque tonight
* a 50th birthday extravaganza (20s dress up theme)
* getting my hair dyed after far too long
* birthday breakfasts (i'm turning the big 3-0)
* birthday dinners with friends holidaying at the coast.

What are you up to?

In other news, I have ordered and paid for our cot. I may be a little too prepared but when I stumbled across incy interiors a few weeks back I knew I had to have one of their cots. You see I was all lined up to purchase a gorgeous antique cot off eBay until such time as my aunty rang me in a panic letting me know the hazards of the old cots. I reconsidered when she mentioned two of the dangers - that babies have gotten their heads stuck between the rails because the spacings are too far apart (but not far enough for heads!) and that once babies start to teeth they like to nibble the cot and a lot of the paint had lead in it. Oops, lucky she was on the ball. What a bad mother I would have been!

The customer service I've received from Incy has been fantastic. Originally I had tried to purchase the cot off  metromum who had the cot advertised about $70 cheaper but after receiving not one reply from two emails and a facebook message I gave up on them and contacted incy asking if they would match the price. They were more than happy to match the price and sent me an invoice for the total cost. I went to pay for the cot yesterday and after I did went to the website and realised they were offering customers 20% off for valentines day and was annoyed at myself for not looking at the website first. I contacted incy who were more than happy to refund the $60 extra I would have saved with the 20% off sale. 

I also made a last minute decision to switch from the Reese cot (such a classic)

to the Declan cot (a bit out there for some)

We don't know the sex yet but I plan I using a vintage sideboard we own in the baby's room and thought the colours were a match made in heaven. I don't plan on making the nursery too gender specific neither do I plan to make it completely vintage. A room wouldn't be my type of room without a bit of vintage influence though.

photo from our wedding - ckmetrophotos

And here is a bit of a belly progress shot. Definitely getting a bit thicker ... around the abdomen and a bit in the head too I'm afraid. Baby brain does exist.

How good do those lollies look?!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

What does your outfit say about you?

My outfits at my previous workplace were quite often a conversation piece and more often than not, filled me with the joy and confidence to keep expressing myself through clothing and accessories. Only today (in my new place of employment) have I had a few comments which again, prove that I may somehow know how to throw an outfit together. 

I was asked this morning, firstly, how many pairs of 'funky' glasses I have. I counted up that I own around five or six pairs with my current prescription but hadn't really thought about them being funky. When I gave it some thought though, yea most are, a little or a lot (like today's pair), out of the ordinary.

Then I was questioned whether I had a background in art. Ummm, far from it! But I could totally see where the lady was coming from given the stark contrast in my outfit to the multitude of stock-standard black pant /blouse/shirt options around. Don't get me wrong - the black pant is a staple in any worker's wardrobe but a staple that doesn't always have to be paired with white, grey or black.

That brings me to the second conversation that my outfit triggered today (in the ladies bathroom of all places). It came from someone who I think works in marketing - a department I usually associate with, dare I say it, funky people. This lady certainly looked smart in her black pants, black top and black shoes. She turned to me while drying her hands and said 'i lurrve your outfit' ... the chatter then revealed that she could never wear colour because ... everything she owns is black. I encouraged her to add a bit of colour into her wardrobe but she didn't seem convinced - almost like that she wasn't confident enough to step out of the shadows. 

So, is your style a direct reflection of your personality? I basically just wear things I like ... simple as that.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Just clicked the submit order button on this beauty:

Happy 30th birthday to me (in 12 days).

I also decided to pick up some items from a store I've been neglecting for a while - asos. Actually I haven't really done much shopping recently. I guess the realisation of how much it costs to have a baby may have subconsciously killed my spending habits. On the flip side, I am totally bored with my whole wardrobe at the moment and wanted to inject some new pieces which would carry me through the pregnancy. I tell you what ... collectively speaking, maternity specific clothes are just not nice in my opinion. I get that you have a belly to contend with but can't designers make pieces that are flattering as well as a little bit um, stylish?! I did pick up this top from pumpkin patch as sale items were an extra 20% off and it was under twenty dollars but apart from that, I'm just disgusted with what is on offer.

So, I'm hoping these will last for a while. 

probably a bit dicky but oh well. Bought in a size 12.

If there are any companies out there reading this post (yea right), I'd be happy to try out your maternity clothes if you've got something stylish to offer. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

What I Wore - Birdcages and Statement Earrings

Hey all on this glorious Friday afternoon. 

Thank you for all your well wishes on my recent announcement - have now hit the thirteen week mark and have started feeling all sorts of things in my belly from what I have read result from your uterus stretching ... oh the joys!

I picked up this cute dress from modcloth late last year .. I had always subscribed to their emails but never actually purchased anything assuming the postage would be too high. To my surprise, the postage cost for two dresses was $11.60 USD. Pretty good if you ask me considering how much some Australian online stores charge for postage within Australia. Even better was the two dresses I got were half price! I love the birdcage print, the adorable peter pan collar and the fit - well at least for now. Give it a couple of weeks and this baby will have to be saved for when I've shed the baby weight - hopefully there won't be too much to shed.

Also totally crushing on the stunning orange earrings picked up at the diva sale for three bucks. Total bargain!

modcloth dress (here) | karen walker sunnies | diva earrings | katies flats

Have a fabulous weekend beauties.