Thursday, 7 February 2013

What does your outfit say about you?

My outfits at my previous workplace were quite often a conversation piece and more often than not, filled me with the joy and confidence to keep expressing myself through clothing and accessories. Only today (in my new place of employment) have I had a few comments which again, prove that I may somehow know how to throw an outfit together. 

I was asked this morning, firstly, how many pairs of 'funky' glasses I have. I counted up that I own around five or six pairs with my current prescription but hadn't really thought about them being funky. When I gave it some thought though, yea most are, a little or a lot (like today's pair), out of the ordinary.

Then I was questioned whether I had a background in art. Ummm, far from it! But I could totally see where the lady was coming from given the stark contrast in my outfit to the multitude of stock-standard black pant /blouse/shirt options around. Don't get me wrong - the black pant is a staple in any worker's wardrobe but a staple that doesn't always have to be paired with white, grey or black.

That brings me to the second conversation that my outfit triggered today (in the ladies bathroom of all places). It came from someone who I think works in marketing - a department I usually associate with, dare I say it, funky people. This lady certainly looked smart in her black pants, black top and black shoes. She turned to me while drying her hands and said 'i lurrve your outfit' ... the chatter then revealed that she could never wear colour because ... everything she owns is black. I encouraged her to add a bit of colour into her wardrobe but she didn't seem convinced - almost like that she wasn't confident enough to step out of the shadows. 

So, is your style a direct reflection of your personality? I basically just wear things I like ... simple as that.


  1. I always stand out at work I hate wearing black most of the time and much prefer to show off my personality in florals and colour. I think working in a legal environment means that people don't think I dress professionally but I don't really care - what I wear doesn't affect how we'll I do my job :)

  2. interesting post! I don't wear a lot of colour generally, as I prefer neutrals, but I think I would be too shy to stand out much at work. that's just who I am though, I think it's great you dress so colorfully for work :) x

  3. ♥ your shirt with those glasses. That pattern is gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely love those glasses where did you get them? I'm a glasses wearer myself and all the frames I can find are so boring! x

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  6. I tend to be a mix - I am shy but will wear bright colours. I used to be a black-black-black girl but that has slowly changed over time. I think that dressing to reflect your taste and mood is just part of the fun of fashion so keep with it, lady! x

  7. Always makes you feel good when people comment on your fashion choices - i love all colours as well as black but mixing colours is fun and interesting :) Bet you've loved being commented on!

  8. Who doesn't love an outfit that makes you feel good (and look great too!). Love the colors too!

  9. I am loving that shirt!