Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Just clicked the submit order button on this beauty:

Happy 30th birthday to me (in 12 days).

I also decided to pick up some items from a store I've been neglecting for a while - asos. Actually I haven't really done much shopping recently. I guess the realisation of how much it costs to have a baby may have subconsciously killed my spending habits. On the flip side, I am totally bored with my whole wardrobe at the moment and wanted to inject some new pieces which would carry me through the pregnancy. I tell you what ... collectively speaking, maternity specific clothes are just not nice in my opinion. I get that you have a belly to contend with but can't designers make pieces that are flattering as well as a little bit um, stylish?! I did pick up this top from pumpkin patch as sale items were an extra 20% off and it was under twenty dollars but apart from that, I'm just disgusted with what is on offer.

So, I'm hoping these will last for a while. 

probably a bit dicky but oh well. Bought in a size 12.

If there are any companies out there reading this post (yea right), I'd be happy to try out your maternity clothes if you've got something stylish to offer. 


  1. Maternity clothes are pretty bad! I bought a few maternity things from ASOS as well but mostly I just bought normal clothes in larger sizes. Just go for baby doll styles and stretch material.

  2. so excited that you got your watch! i love that black and white dress, definitely think you need a few little treats for your baby bump :)

  3. yay you got the rose gold watch! love the new clothes x

  4. Maternity clothes suck. Try Soon Maternity though, it's not too bad.