Friday, 15 February 2013

Weekend Excitement

Hey ho.

It's near the end of the working week and I am really looking forward to the weekend:

* date night dinner at French Restaurant Le Baroque tonight
* a 50th birthday extravaganza (20s dress up theme)
* getting my hair dyed after far too long
* birthday breakfasts (i'm turning the big 3-0)
* birthday dinners with friends holidaying at the coast.

What are you up to?

In other news, I have ordered and paid for our cot. I may be a little too prepared but when I stumbled across incy interiors a few weeks back I knew I had to have one of their cots. You see I was all lined up to purchase a gorgeous antique cot off eBay until such time as my aunty rang me in a panic letting me know the hazards of the old cots. I reconsidered when she mentioned two of the dangers - that babies have gotten their heads stuck between the rails because the spacings are too far apart (but not far enough for heads!) and that once babies start to teeth they like to nibble the cot and a lot of the paint had lead in it. Oops, lucky she was on the ball. What a bad mother I would have been!

The customer service I've received from Incy has been fantastic. Originally I had tried to purchase the cot off  metromum who had the cot advertised about $70 cheaper but after receiving not one reply from two emails and a facebook message I gave up on them and contacted incy asking if they would match the price. They were more than happy to match the price and sent me an invoice for the total cost. I went to pay for the cot yesterday and after I did went to the website and realised they were offering customers 20% off for valentines day and was annoyed at myself for not looking at the website first. I contacted incy who were more than happy to refund the $60 extra I would have saved with the 20% off sale. 

I also made a last minute decision to switch from the Reese cot (such a classic)

to the Declan cot (a bit out there for some)

We don't know the sex yet but I plan I using a vintage sideboard we own in the baby's room and thought the colours were a match made in heaven. I don't plan on making the nursery too gender specific neither do I plan to make it completely vintage. A room wouldn't be my type of room without a bit of vintage influence though.

photo from our wedding - ckmetrophotos

And here is a bit of a belly progress shot. Definitely getting a bit thicker ... around the abdomen and a bit in the head too I'm afraid. Baby brain does exist.

How good do those lollies look?!


  1. Love the cot you've chosen. So very stylish.
    It must be so exciting shopping for all things baby.

  2. Just you wait Peta, baby brain takes over! I was trying on some clothes at the shops last week with my mum, and when I put my own skirt back on, I put it on upside down and couldn't work out why my skirt kept falling off my waist! I LOVE the cot you've chosen, I can't wait to see how you deck out your nursery! I'm really excited to read all about your pregnancy adventures!

  3. that cot is so cute! love that it's a bright colour, so fun :) x

  4. Aww look at your little bell! I felt so fat in those first few months but when I look at the pics now I realise my belly is tiny. Love that cot! And that side table. I can't wait to see your finished room.

  5. I would not have realised that about the old cots - glad to know that for the future :)
    I love the turquoise - great choice. I dont think you can ever be too organised. Cant wait to see all the other touches you add!

  6. ouffffff..... cant believe there's a tiny copy of you inside that 15 weeks belly.... must be very excited by now.....:)