Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bump Day: Week 34 Edition

I missed bump day yesterday - a combo of not loving any of the pics I took and just being too busy. I thought I would be able to cruise on out of work quite casually but no, I am flat strap. I have eleven and a half work days left and it couldn't come sooner. I'm telling baby he can come on or about the 18th July - I reckon that would be perfect. 

thrifted witchery dress | dotti scarf | asos ballet flats

Heading to an engagement party this weekend - will be fun but I think I'll be leaving the husband and heading home early. Nothing like a thirty-five-week pregnant lady at the pub.

As always, thanks for reading!

Friday, 21 June 2013

I wish I was this talented

Check out the awesome blog header Lauren from tastes like love created for my new blog trainee mama. Isn't is just awesome?!

This is the picture she drew inspiration from. Looks like me huh?

Great idea for gifts I reckon! Contact Lauren for your own personalised image/design.

Lauren has created two other images for me in the past. See them here and here

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 33 Edition

I've had this jacket for yonks and just haven't found the right outfit to wear it with so today wore it as the basis of my outfit. Teamed with a simple Kookai tank I picked up at a garage sale for a dollar and good ol maternity jeans from jeanswest.

asos blazer | jeanswest maternity jeans | kookai top | kmart booties | lovisa earrings

I somehow was lucky enough to score a free blow dry for tonight - man I need it - my hair is out of control. See my instagram feed - the proof is in the frizzing.

Oh, and I started a new blog - a side blog to this one for all things parenting and babies. Well all things for those that have no clue - me included. Please come join me at or at the facebook page -

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 32 Edition

My outfit today is rather indicative of the walking style my legs have adopted over the last couple of days = penguin. Yes my friends, the waddle has started. 
This morning I jumped out of bed (okay, I didn't jump I kind of rolled) to get ready for my Wednesday morning body combat class and in the dark of five thirty am minus contact lenses I was greeted by this: (look away now if you don't want to see a pregnant belly)
See those two big dimples/indents on either side of my bump at the top? Yea, strange huh? I woke the husband up to show him and see if he was concerned at all. He thought it was weird too but I think was too drowsy to really give his opinion. 

He followed up with an email at quarter to ten this morning with a subject of 'Is your belly still funny looking?' I replied letting him know that one of the ladies in my bubhub facebook group said it was normal and that the baby has probably moved down and out the front. His reply? 'That is good isn't it? Aren't they supposed to get lower before the birth??' - ahhh bless his cotton socks. 

Yea, ahem, we really need to go to the antenatal education class we are booked in for next Saturday that is fo show. 
asos dress (here) | tony bianco boots

Note: Almost all of the things I've ordered from asos recently have been rather big. This dress is a size 10 and not from the maternity range and even though it's a swing style I believe would be better suited to at least a size 12. Has anyone else noticed this?

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 31 Edition

We've reached Wednesday again which signals my weekly bump day outfit. I chose a simple outfit today inspired by my good friend Mel (check out her new blog here) who regularly rocks a good pair of leggings with a gorgeous knit or stylish jacket - it's a style I can see myself wearing lots post pregnancy - when i'm  sick of sitting around in my pyjama's for days on end ; )
lorna jane tights | asos maternity boyfriend tee (here) | asos glitter flats (here) | michael kors watch | sunnygirl vest

Speaking of pyjama's, my patience paid off and I was able to score a pair of the Arabella Ramsay for Target Bambi PJ's and a nightie for 30% off last Thursday in Target's stocktake sale. I will wash them and potentially put them in my bag for the hospital - I may have just given birth to a baby but still want to look good. I will be packing my hair straightener too! 

Oh, I also had my baby shower last weekend. It was so great and the baby certainly got spoilt. My sis, best friend, mum, dad, husband and brother's partner put in a huge effort to make it such a special day. So if you're reading this, THANK YOU. It was super special. According to my app, 60 days to go!

Till next week. Oh wait ... GO QUEENSLAND!