Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day: Week 32 Edition

My outfit today is rather indicative of the walking style my legs have adopted over the last couple of days = penguin. Yes my friends, the waddle has started. 
This morning I jumped out of bed (okay, I didn't jump I kind of rolled) to get ready for my Wednesday morning body combat class and in the dark of five thirty am minus contact lenses I was greeted by this: (look away now if you don't want to see a pregnant belly)
See those two big dimples/indents on either side of my bump at the top? Yea, strange huh? I woke the husband up to show him and see if he was concerned at all. He thought it was weird too but I think was too drowsy to really give his opinion. 

He followed up with an email at quarter to ten this morning with a subject of 'Is your belly still funny looking?' I replied letting him know that one of the ladies in my bubhub facebook group said it was normal and that the baby has probably moved down and out the front. His reply? 'That is good isn't it? Aren't they supposed to get lower before the birth??' - ahhh bless his cotton socks. 

Yea, ahem, we really need to go to the antenatal education class we are booked in for next Saturday that is fo show. 
asos dress (here) | tony bianco boots

Note: Almost all of the things I've ordered from asos recently have been rather big. This dress is a size 10 and not from the maternity range and even though it's a swing style I believe would be better suited to at least a size 12. Has anyone else noticed this?

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.


  1. How strange is it when you notice changes in the way your belly looks! I would have thought those indents were normal because of how your belly was before your pregnancy. I can't believe you're going to the gym that early and pregnant! The only way I was able to get up that early whilst I was pregnant was the promise of delicious food at my work! I never got around to getting anything from asos whilst I was pregnant, I never really needed that many maternity clothes because I worked almost every day of my pregnancy. You are looking absolutely amazing!

  2. Lady you are such a freaking inspiration - I am dreading the gym tomorrow and I'm not pregnant let alone getting up at 5.30am!! Glad the dimples are all oral and things are going along well - not long now :)