Friday, 21 June 2013

I wish I was this talented

Check out the awesome blog header Lauren from tastes like love created for my new blog trainee mama. Isn't is just awesome?!

This is the picture she drew inspiration from. Looks like me huh?

Great idea for gifts I reckon! Contact Lauren for your own personalised image/design.

Lauren has created two other images for me in the past. See them here and here


  1. What an incredible blog header! She captured you perfectly!


  2. You are the hottest mama-to-be ever! That header is stunning! x

  3. That looks really awesome, hot mama!! You look just beautiful and oh so stylish.

    PS: It's giveaway time on my blog! Hope you join:

  4. wow, that looks great! loving your new blog so far, I'll definitely be reading, even though I'm not a mumma! x