Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wearing a bump in Boohoo

Hello dear readers. Thanks for stopping by. Did anyone see my post on instagram yesterday? If not, why not? Come and be my follower - I'm peta_ballerina. Let me know your insta username if I don't follow you already. Anyway, I thought I was pretty clever. In case you didn't see it ... 
The husband didn't get it. He gets confused when hashtags are involved. 

This dress is from Boohoo and was ordered by my twinnie. She hasn't worn it as it is not suitable for breast feeding so passed it on to me. I haven't ordered anything from boohoo personally and didn't think I would as I thought the images of the items on the website looked to be of poor quality. This dress contradicts that thought. The quality is better that what I would expect from valleygirl or ally and maybe even dotti. This one is a size 12 and in my opinion, a small 12. I'm usually an 8 or 10 in dresses and would say this is more like a 10. I'm not sure how much it was but I might pop over to the site and see if they have any elastic waist print pants available. I'm at the stage where pants and jeans with a button and zip just are of no interest which cuts out most of my bottoms options for the cooler weather. I think skirts and shorts are just about out too. 

 boohoo dress | esprit blazer | sachi heels | michael kors watch

I'm on my eye out for a chair like this. I'm pretty sure mum and dad had one of these when we were younger but it probably landed up at the dump or something. Who knew that they would become so valuable. They are fetching over $100 on eBay. I'm hoping to find one magically at an op or garage sale for a fiver. I may totally be dreaming but hey, you've got to dream don't you? I have family and friends on the lookout too. If you are in QLD and you spot one, let me know. Or better yet, buy it, let me know and whatever you do - don't keep it for yourself! 

I'm booked in for my twenty week scan in one week's time - for those that care that is next Thursday at 3pm. I'm so bloody excited to find out the sex so hopefully the baby is cooperative and calm enough for us to see its 'bits'. After the scan I've booked in to treat myself to a deluxe mani and pedi so it will definitely be a treat day. My nails are in desperate need of attention!

Have a fabulous weekend


  1. Cute outfit.
    Exciting times ahead for you.

  2. love the watch peta. Very exciting about gender :-) any preference? Congratulations too by the way!

  3. what a cute dress! how exciting about finding out the sex, hope you'll share! x

  4. I recently bought a handful of items from boohoo = and was so IMPRESSED with the quality and price - will def buy from them again

  5. Wow-I've never heard of Boohoo. Might have to check them out. Good luck with the scan next week!