Thursday, 4 April 2013

On feeling gross ... and then not so gross

Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt horrible about myself. You know those days where you throw something on that looks somewhat respectable, slap some makeup on, and tie your hair back in a messy bun? Now most days, I would be quite fine with the minimal effort I had put in but yesterday whenever I passed a mirror I felt frumpy and ugly. My hair was giving me the shits - unstraightened with little curly bits popping up (and out) everywhere, not to mention the FRIZZ.

I didn't fancy feeling that way today so put the effort in (still not much effort) to at least be somewhat happy with my reflection in the mirror. And I feel 500% better for it. I am forever indebted to the inventor of the GHD. What a genius that person was.

This dress would have to have had the most wears of any dress in my wardrobe. It's a blue juice number I picked up at Myer on sale for a specific occasion and thankfully has served me for many more specific and not-at-all specific outings.

blue juice dress | kmart wedges | temt jacket | diva necklace | belt from trade secret

It's nearly the weekend - hooray!


  1. How cute is the floral jacket. and seeing as it hads so many colours you can pair it up with alot.

  2. wow that jacket is from temt!? wouldnt have guessed it... so pretty!
    and i have that diva necklace too! (except mine is turquoise hehe)

  3. That's a gorgeous dress and love that jacket too.
    I'm finding it so hard to dress up these days as well and it does make me feel a bit horrible sometimes.

  4. I always find I have a much better day when I've put a bit of effort in! glad to hear you're feeling better :) love this outfit, so colourful and cheerful! x

  5. Love the blazer, such a bright pop of colour!

  6. I felt that way almost my whole pregnancy. Damn hormones! Once the baby popped out, I was fine!

  7. I feel like that most days... and I'm not even pregnant.
    And don't even get me started about my hair...
    For what it's worth I think you looked wonderful - love all the colour and the spikey necklace. It really gives your outfit an edge :)