Monday, 29 April 2013

Winners, Wearing and Weekends

I'm a little late but remembered that I promised to announce the winners of my trade secret giveaway on Friday. Apologies for the lateness but the random number generator at has picked Kat and Amber. Would love to see your finds - tag me (peta_ballerina) and trade secret (tradesecret_aus) on instagram to show off what bargains you find with your voucher. I'll be in touch via email shortly.
 The days have just been beautiful around here lately. Upon recommendation from my aunty and uncle we took Rocky to the dog beach at Coolum - Stumer's creek. He had a ball - so much so that we've been again - twice in a couple of days. My sissy also visited and we had a girls day - I got a seafolly tankini top to wear post-baby and pre-back-to-pre-baby-body from a shop in Caloundra marked down from $160 to $30! It amazes me how much some things cost and amazes me even more that some people pay those sorts of amounts!

In other news my wardrobe clearout is slowly happening. I took five bags to the op shop yesterday and it felt fantastic. What isn't so fantastic is this dress was in the selling/giving away pile and I've decided to keep it for now. It's a good maternity and autumn/winter option and I need all the options I can get!
target dress | thrifted siren heels | michael kors watch

Saturday officially marks three months till my due date ... I'm not scared yet but I'm sure as the days tick along apprehension and doubt will make an appearance. 


  1. I couldn't agree more, the (full) price of things are ridiculous, much better to buy reduced/second hand! The next three months are going to fly by!

  2. that dress looks just perfect on you! my countdown is down to 2(ish) weeks and i'm definitely getting scared ;)

  3. I'm often horrified by full price items! Who would pay that kind of money? Love that dress on you-good save!

  4. the dress is cute! sometimes things need to be salvaged. looks like a fun weekend! x

  5. You look so stunning! That dress is gorgeous x

  6. The dress is gorgeous! So glad you decided to keep it. Ooo...the 3 months will come so soon, I'm so excited for you.