Thursday, 11 April 2013

Secrets and Plurals

Today I'm very excited to be attending the grand opening of a new Trade Secret store at Maroochydore. I'm even more excited that the lovely marketing manager of Trade Secret contacted me via instagram to offer me a voucher to spend in store! And I also have been offered a couple of gift vouchers to give away to my lovely readers. I will be posting about those tomorrow ; )

On trips to Brisbane my twin sister and I always made a point of bypassing a suburb where a trade secret(s) was located. It was always one of those shops we thought Toowoomba would never 'get'. And wouldn't you know it ... Toowoomba got one a couple of years ago. And I was over the moon. Because I love the shit out of trade secret. Since I've moved to the Sunshine Coast I haven't visited the Kawana store very often because it is a good 15-20 minute drive. This new Maroochydore location is just down the road from my Buderim abode. You can guarantee the husband and I (and the new baby) will be there VERY often. The husband has told many-a-friend that TS is his favourite shop and it is a shop where he actually looks. Normally he just finds the 'boyfriend' seat. 

I got these from the Toowoomba store over easter. Hello $10 - down from the TS price of $29.95 - regular RRP like $45!

He thinks I should split my gift voucher with him but I'm thinking I'll take at least half of it, he can have maybe a quarter and we'll pick up some items for the little man who will be making his way into our lives in August (or hopefully even before ; ))

Can't wait to open my giveway tomorrow and share with you my items on my wishlist and and what we spent the voucher one.

For anyone wondering about the blog post title there is a running 'joke' in our family about plural shop names. Mum and the husband love to refer to Myer as Myers (because it was started by so-and-so Myer) and we all love to call trade secret trade secrets due to a hilarious phone conversation we overhead while shopping in the Toowoomba store one day. A lady's husband was asking where she was - her reply? 
'Trade Secrets, you know, next to Harvey Normans'

(probably one of those 'in' jokes where you have to be there to find it funny)

till tomorrow 

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  1. Haha! My FMIL calls it Myers too, and we laugh at her (in a nice way!) and she gives the same reasons.
    Was it a zoo there today? I have never been to the Kawana one-too far away!x