Monday, 13 February 2012

February Photo a Day Challenge

Hi guys,

Thought I might share my photos thus far in fat mum slim's February photo a day challenge.

Day 1
your view today
Rocky and I on our morning walk.
Day 2
cooking up some patty cakes ... rocky ended up eating the whole lot which i'd left on the bench for the icing to dry. Last time i'll do that!
Day 3
you must get your hands on one of these. By one i mean a BAG.
Red Tulip birds eggs. Go!
Day 4
a stranger
Taken at the Toowoomba swap meet. This chicky bought some vintage stuff from me - I really liked her style.
Day 5
it had been raining for days. Sunday was finally clear and the back lawn needed some major attention. That is the husband.
Day 6
sorry but steak and veges was all that was on the menu tonight.
Day 7
Day 8
I think i'd forgotten to take the a pic of the sun earlier in the day (or it had been raining) so took this pic of one of my favourite pyrex finds. A sun (flower) bowl.
Day 9
front door
mr patty cake eater himself posing for his mama.
Day 10
self portrait
notice the smudge in the left corner. Yes, that is a result of my phone being dropped : (
Day 11
makes you happy
I like getting the opportunity to wear a new dress (asos), straighten my hair and have some pre-drinks before a dinner date with some new friends.
Day 12
inside your closet
a portion of my closet - we are converting a small room into a walk-in-robe and ensuite. It's been in progress for way too long now.
Day 13
a new asos clutch and the prettiest blue ring i've ever seen. I'll NEVER get sick of staring at it.

Are you participating? I'd love to see your interpretation of the categories.

My instagram user ID is peta_ballerina : )

Peta xxx

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  1. I'm not participating in this one, but I really wish I had of found it earlier in the month to do so. I LOVE your dress in day 11! Its so much fun getting a new dress when you have a fun occasion to wear it too. Pre-drinks, straight hurr and new dresses - one of my favourite things!