Monday, 14 October 2013

Baby Shower Style

Dressing post pregnancy is certainly hard. I'm struggling with the mummy tummy and also with the idea of dressing appropriately for breastfeeding. I can't really wear those breastfeeding-specific singlets and bras because they don't make them in my size! Talk about small boob discrimination.

Anyway, for my sis-not-yet-in-law's baby shower I wore two new items to my wardrobe - a peplum top from asos and a skirt from the Coles Mix Apparel range. I've never been much of a straight skirt person but the colour, pattern and price of the Lawn Green geo print skirt drew me in.

mix apparel skirt {here} | asos bow back peplum top {here} | sportsgirl studded flats {here}

(Ned obviously wasn't too impressed with his converse hi-tops but I couldn't resist - how cute are they?!)


  1. Coles? Really?? Wow! Love the outfit-very cute! x

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  3. I adore this outfit - you look gorgeous. I am so tempted to buy that top.

  4. Looking great! I too am struggling with post pregnancy clothes. I can't believe I still have a baby belly. Have invested in some nursing clothes to tide me by