Monday, 30 January 2012

Do Your Research

This morning I received an email from PeepToe shoes and decided to check out their featured blogger - Kathy from Shopping Confessions. A few posts in, I was intrigued to visit Grays Outlet from her review - a sister site to Grays Online. I haven't ever bought anything from Grays Online but know others who have. Grays Outlet seem to have pretty good prices on lots of stuff but naturally I've been perusing the women's fashion.

I noticed a brand I had seen sold on Frockaholics was sold on this site and decided to do a bit of research.

This dress (photo from frockaholics)

  • is on final sale at frockaholics for $120.00 with free shipping
  • is $29.95 plus $9.95 shipping on grays outlet
  • is not available on the darling website but shipping is around $20.00 so it would not be cheaper. They are having a 70% off sale though if anyone is interested.
They have quite a few styles and it pays to cross-reference the item on the darling or frockaholics website as grays pictures aren't the best quality. Who cares though when they offer such great discounts!

Here are some items I'm considering putting in my cart. I do have a swanky hen's weekend coming up in a couple of weeks!

In other shopping related news I just purchased this ...

Exciting, no?! Well I recently completed my Les Mills Body Pump training and have started team teaching. This Wednesday I think I will be taking the whole class and am really starting to enjoy it. Do you go to any of the Les Mills classes?

Hope you had a great weekend!
Peta xxx


  1. That dress is darling! Good luck running your first pump class.

  2. I have wanted that Darling blue and white flowery dress for about 6 months, I might buy it at that price!