Wednesday, 25 January 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - 70s Maxi and Sequins Baby

The weather here in South East Queensland has been shocking lately and in no way could be described as summer. Fine weather for Australia Day definitely does not look promising!

For this week's outfit I teamed a 70s vintage maxi dress with a sequin vest and a ex-handbag-turned-clutch.

from boring bag to cute clutch

What is your take on sequins? I think you either love them or hate them. I'm a lover and have my eye on a few things on asos at the moment. Only trick is where do you wear them? I got home and asked the husband what he thought of my outfit - he thought I looked mumsy. I can't win with him!! I'm either bloody mumsy or am wearing a doiley or tablecloth.

Speaking of mumsy ... I'm going to be an aunty!!!!!!! My twin sis is due to have her first baby in late July and I can't wait. I especially can't wait to find out what the sex is so I can buy cute little things. There is no denying that everyone is hoping for a girl - there is so much more variety and cuteness for girls.

Happy Australia Day friends for tomorrow and a big happy 38th anniversary to mum and dad and a huge 40th birthday wish to my workmate Kristin. Have fun!

vintage maxi dress, martini vest via eBay, belt from another dress, gifted necklace, clutch via Vinnies, Novo wedges

Peta xxx


  1. Looking good! And congratulations on being an aunty!

  2. Love Love LOVE your outfit ! Love sequins. Every girl should have a bit of sparkle in her life.

  3. loving this outfit chic. the colours, prints and textures. loving that skirt particularly!

  4. cute outfit!! and congratulations on upcoming auntyhood... it really is the best!!

    Kel x

  5. I love this outfit, it is stunning and definitely not mumsey at all....