Friday, 6 January 2012

Buy of the Week

New year - new blog - new idea ... a weekly post focusing on my best buy of the week.

It could be a grocery item, something from an op shop or garage sale or something that I've been waiting to go on sale and have hit some luck.

This week's best buy? ...

A pair of flatties from Katies of all places.

Katies was one of those places that I wouldn't dare to step in to in fear of being seen. I was of the opinion that only people of my mother's age shop there. At some stage though I changed my tune and always have a bit of a rummage when I receive the 50% off the marked price emails at sale time. These shoes were originally a ridiculous price like $39.95 for 100% synthetic but for $12.50 I couldn't leave them behind.


Would love to hear what your best buy has been this week.

P xxx

1 comment:

  1. I got 2 vintage dresses last week that was my happy buy but maybe not my best and cheapest lol