Monday, 25 June 2012

Stripes + Spikes

Hi all and welcome to my new followers/readers - lovely to have you on board!

Thought I'd get some quick insta snaps of today's outfit. I particularly love these asos spike earrings and am loving that it is cold enough to bust out my fave tony bianco riding boots - four years later they are still going strong. A good pair of leather boots may seem expensive at the time of purchase but they are definitely an investment! I'm also trying to convince the husband that a chanel bag is an investment too. I've been lusting after one after becoming extremely jealous of Jackie on wag nation's bag.

target knit | vintage shirt (underneath) | tony bianco boots | asos earrings (here) | guess bag | vintage umbrella

I've decided I need to get myself a chunky cable knit jumper / sweater. Although I love the look of some of the ones at Dotti I can't justify paying upwards of $49.95 for one. Might pay my ol mate asos a visit to see what they have on offer. Asos never disappoints!

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  1. Are those spike earrings comfortable? I had considered getting some but wasn't sure (plus my ears seem to be a bit more sensitive as of late).

    Good luck on the hunt for a chunky sweater, they are so good for winter, I've been living in them on weekends

  2. your new blog layout is fantastic! so cute.

    I love your spike earrings! I miss my tragus piercing, mine closed up :(

    that dress looks so cosy and warm! xx

  3. Nice and fresh blog change, thanks for the tip for blog revamping. I like the idea of wearing a vintage shirt underneath your dress, looks good x

  4. I love the umbrella!

    Do the earrings dig into your neck at all??

  5. Love your earrings! they're so cool xx

  6. The blog looks great! Good luck convincing your husband about the Chanel bag!


  7. stripes - always stylish. Often I dress my entire family in stripes (unintentionally of course) and we end up looking rather silly on our travels! x