Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What I Wore Wednesday ... On campus

Winter has well and truly arrived in South East Queensland. When the alarm went off at five thirty this morning for me to get out of bed and go to my regular Wednesday morning body attack class I thought to myself ... 'i must be crazy' ... and for a split second considered staying in the warmth of my bed. I didn't though and ended up with sweat dripping down my face by the end of the class. No regrets!

I had about five seconds to decide what to wear today and came up with this navy combo. Navy is such a classic colour and I've been drawn to all things navy lately.

so attractive! asos maternity cape (no mum I'm not pregnant), dotti dress, corelli flats

This dress from Dotti was marked down to $19.95 from an original price of something ridiculous like $69.95. I'm sorry for those of you who do pay full price for things but I just can't bring myself to spend exorbidant amounts of money on items that aren' the best quality. I've even noticed Portmans choice of materials seemed to have downgraded. The only thing I bought yesterday was the embellished peter pan dress and no way was it worth of its $129.95 original price.

Enough complaining ... I'm looking at getting a leather jacket. Every time winter rolls around I say I want a leather jacket and never actually follow through. Just Jeans have a couple which have caught my eye and are currently on sale for $129.

 Do you have a leather jacket? Do you love it?

I did an advanced instructor training course (for Body Pump) on Saturday and got pulled up on my posture many times. Being an ex-gymnast (many, many moons ago) you would think that it would be good. Must remedy this!!


Ciao sweeties xxx


  1. That cape is fabulous. That dress is cute but 70 bucks for it seems pretty ridiculous, but then I am a total cheapskate. I have a leather jacket. I love it. $129 from Just Jeans seems pretty steep to me though. Over here Just Jeans isn't the best quality and if you buy a leather jacket you probably want one that will last. I got mine second hand and it weighs a ton but is super warm because it has a quilted lining. It was also made here in NZ so is good quality and will probably last forever.

  2. Cute cape! LOL... that you had to clarify with your mum thay your NOT pregnant! I've bought a handful of maternity things from asos and Im not knocked up either! xx

  3. I know exactly what you mean - I woke up to snow this morning.

    That is such a cute dress & what a great price! It looks amazing with your cape too xo

  4. That dress definitely looks better in Navy, Damn! I wish I had of got this colour rather than Maroon. But you're absolutely right, paying full price for clothes like this that are not the best of quality is ridiculous. I go through so many phases with what I like to wear so I find paying full price for things is a waste for me personally.

  5. I 100% agree with you on not paying full price for things. There really is no reason to now days with how many sales there are year round! Love the outfit, navy looks great on you x