Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sale Time

The mid-year sales are well are truly upon us and one sale that always hooks my attention is Portmans. Quite a few of my trusty-worn-a-few-times dresses are from Portmans all of which have been bought at sale time. And what better time to shop than with a 30% off the marked price offer starting today.

A couple of weeks ago I literally died when I saw the leather fit and flare dress on the website. I don't own anything leather but thought it would totally satisfy my occasional rock chick fashion tendencies.

At that time the dress was marked $169.95 - a little too expensive for my thrifty ways. However at 30% off, this baby could be mine for a little under $120 - much more reasonable considering its original price tag of $250. The issue with that though is the dress was only sent to like the top 5 stores in the state all of which are nowhere near my trusty Toowoomba store. The lovely chic at my store said I could ring one of the other stores, find out what sort of fit the dress is, purchase a gift card in store and then send the gift card in a post bag with a return post bag and the dress could be mine. Urgghh, way too much trouble ...
So promptly at four o'clock i'll be heading down-town-toowoomba to see what else the store might have. Peeking online, these are some items which may grab my fancy.
down to $35
um warm! down to $27.95
i am probably going to the races at the sunny coast on sunday. This whole ensemble looks awesome. It might be too warm though. Jacket down to around $70.00
Will report back on what I decide to get!
What am I wearing to skip off to this sale after work?

Wish me good shopping vibes!



  1. your river island skirt is cuuute and I LOOVE that portmans jumper/cape/poncho, i'm looking it up right now!

  2. I'm a sucker for Portmans too, I work directly opposite one! They have some really cute stuff and they really do do great sales - I brought 2 sale dresses over the weekend, one was $29 & the other was $19 and they were both reduced by a further 30%!!