Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy hump day friends! I am totally looking a bit dorky/boyish today. I really should have been bothered drying and touching my hair up after body attack this morning as it just does not look good tied back.

I've had these volcom skinny pants for years now. I can even recall when I got them and who I was shopping with. They are a staple in my wardrobe and still in great nick, albeit a tiny bit faded.

volcom pants, target wedges, asos top, diva necklace

In other exciting news, I am now a fully qualified BodyPump instructor! I did my initial training back in January and submitted my certification video a couple of weeks ago and found out the good news on Monday. If you have never tried pump at the gym I encourage you to do it. It's such a good workout and adds a bit of variety to your workout. 
Another thing I encourage you to do ... watch once upon a time. I seriously LOVED it.
That is all. Peace out xxx
oh, and welcome to my new followers. I appreciate each and everyone's visits


  1. I like it. Congrats on the qualification!

  2. Woohoo - fully fledged;) Good job P xx

  3. Congratulations on your qualifications :-)
    I love that necklace too.

    And as for once upon a time, I've been home sick today and am up to episode 7. Doing my best to take sleeping breaks and not attempt to finish it all today!

  4. Congrats on becoming an instructor :)

    Love that blouse, it looks amazing with your chunky necklace

  5. Well done! That's a brilliant achievement!
    Loving the outfit adn seriously coveting that fab necklace! xxx

  6. Congrats
    and I love the shirt! I wish I could pull off shirts like that! I cannot :*(

  7. what an amazing necklace!

    congrats hun, that's so exciting! x

  8. Heh, I sure do. :) Which campus do you work at? I'm studying at the Springfield campus!


  9. Love that necklace and your nailpolish! Congrats on the qualification :) xx