Friday, 25 May 2012

Taking the afternoon off

Quick post today before I cheerio work for the weekend to attend a birthday lunch at one of Toowoomba's best pubs. I was considering taking a long lunch but then decided to have the afternoon off.

The rain hit us last night and so I jumped on the opportunity to try my red hunters for the first time. I also decided to try this navy blue skater dress I got from asos a few months ago. I hadn't worn it yet because when I tried it on after receiving it I thought the arms were too tight. Turns out they are perfect ... or perhaps I have lost weight. Win, win!

asos dress, hunter wellies, fossil wallet

I thought I'd also include some other random happenings of late.

how funny is this photo?!

Have a fabulous weekend xxx


  1. The last photo is hilarious! And you look beautiful in that dress!

  2. That's my favourite cider in the summer! I love it! Your dress is a perfect fit and so cute with the wellies (or gumboots as you guys say!)
    That dog's hilarious! Have a great weekend. x

  3. That is such a gorgeous dress!
    And your dog is such a cool dude