Sunday, 24 June 2012


It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting in front of the heater watching Masterchef. It's been a while since I've linked up with Sophie's weekly flea market finds and thought what better time than after a weekend where I found some lovely treasures.

First find, inspired by the adorable Zara is this cute little milk glass trinket container. I now have four peices of milk glass so I guess I now have a collection? lol

I then picked up this hippy 70s top from a garage sale with a couple of other items. It's one that needs to be belted but looks like it has never been worn and is very unique.

On Friday while on my regular lunchtime trip to Vinnies I spotted this beauty in the fancy dress section. I happily handed over my three dollars and it has now been washed and awaiting its first outing. I think I might wear this to my auntie's seventies themed 40th birthday party in a couple of weeks ... if I can wait that long!

Finally, Black Caviar wasn't the only winner this weekend. I won this gorgeous trophy from a garage sale for three dollars and only realised that once I got it home and gave it a bit of silvo treatment that is in fact quite old! From 1939 to be exact. It is currently housing some of my favourite costume jewellery.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend

 p.s. notice my new blog design? Big props to Felicity of Pursuit of Felicity - she was great to work with and I can highly recommend her work!


  1. Gorgeous finds - but i'm loving the milk glass the most!

  2. The trophy is such a great find!! I love it! The milk glass looks like a really nice piece. Great finds!

  3. Wow, love that old trophy. Some of those can be quite valuable. You may want to research it.

  4. Love that pretty vintage top and your new dress is divine! $3!! BARGAIN!!

  5. Love love love the new blog look! I have been thinking about giving mine a makeover for a while. I think I might have to check out Felicity's blog.

  6. Gorgeous finds, and thanks for the shout out hun! I just got your payment so thank you for that as well. :) Feel free to shoot me an email with any of your questions, and you can let your friend know that I am still offering 25% off until the 30th. :)


  7. Oh thank you lovely.
    I'd say four is def a collection. WIshing you luck in finding more to add to it.

  8. Love the new blog design, and that milk glass container is gorgeous xx

  9. Awesome finds! The milk glass is really pretty and I love the top :]