I'm Peta ... a wife, a twin, a daughter, a sister and a mother to an extremely spoilt boxer/bloodhound/bull mastiff five year old named Rocky. I also have a little bambinoo on the way due in early August 2013. I'm a big sports fan and am a bit of a gym junkie who also happens to teach body pump as a bit of a hobby. Above all else, I am a massive shop and op-a-holic.


This blog documents my purchases, outfits, wishlists, vintage finds and daily adventures.

I grew up and currently live in Toowoomba, Queensland but am planning a move to the Sunshine Coast at the end of 2012. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or have a product or service you would like reviewed, shoot me an email at peta_ballerina@hotmail.com

: )

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