Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Adoring Pyjama Pants

Wow it's been a busy day. I was intending to do a post this morning but somehow it's nearly going home time and I'm here quickly to share today's outfit. My super cute but silly dog spotted a hare early this morning while I was putting my shoes on for our walk and sprinted off after it and almost got skittled by a car on the main road. He didn't even catch the hare anyway! It really shook me up - I just don't know what I'd do if anything happened to him. Check out my instagram feed for his latest escapades!

Anyway, enough about that. Does anything beat the simplicity of a plain white tee teamed with a statement pair of pants or skirt? Me thinks not. Oh, and who could beat some Matthew Williamson/Linda Farrow neon glasses - my first ever ShopBop purchase. And lasty, a $4.00 guess bag snapped up at a garage sale. I love it!
envious pants ($24.95 @ trade Secret)
living doll tee ($7.00 @ trade secret)
kmart boots ($10.00 on sale now)
guess bag ($4.00 via garage sale)
matthew williamson + linda farrow specs ($91 @shopbop)
guess, lovisa and collette accessories 


  1. Love this outfit! A white tee and a statement skirt or pants really is a fantastic combo. I'm definitely going to try my hand at more of these outfits over summer.

  2. Your pants are such a great print & that bag was a steal!

    Dog's can be little ratbags at times, I would freak if mine did that too

  3. Love your pants! Oh I can't wait to have a more exciting wardrobe again. I am getting sick of wearing the same things all the time. Not long now though!

  4. $4 Guess bag?! That's awesome!
    My dog almost got run over right in front of me one day while I was walking them. I couldn't even do anything but scream. It's seriously a miracle that the tire didn't crush my puppy as the driver was reversing because my dog was weaving in between them. I had my other dog in my hands and just felt helpless. Crazy day. Anywho! Your outfit is adorable! I need to remember to buy fun printed pants more often. I only have a single pair. :)