Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hola senors and senoritas! It's a beautiful day in South East Queensland - I'm so looking forward to summer!

Have had a blast of a morning errrm partying working. WE had our monthly morning tea and the university that i work at (USQ) is having a big day for staff and students to launch their new marketing campaign. There is free food and activities and my workmate Holly and I have already have a wrestle at the gladiator style jumping castle. My competitive nature thankfully allowed me to win although Holly claims she wasn't trying as hard as she could because she didn't want to 'beat the boss'. Might head out for round II shortly! This outfit wasn't very appropriate for jumping castles but is perfect for today's weather.

thrifted dress | katies flats (on sale now for $10) | thrifted wish jacket ($10) | lorna jane crop |

We fly out to the states in exactly 2 weeks!


  1. what an adorable dress! love the print. what a bargain that jacket is! x

  2. Sounds like fun!
    What a cute dress, I LOVE the wee red bows

  3. I am probably not going to be able to read your blog for the next couple of weeks as I am so freaking jealous!!! I am still in stockings and a coat....
    I am sure you won the wrestle, fair and square :P