Friday, 7 December 2012

Not so Casual Friday

Most days for me at work are what some people might describe as casual but today is definitely not casual Friday for me. Our annual staff awards ceremony is on later this afternoon and I'll be collecting my ten year service award. It's funny because I don't even feel old enough to have worked anywhere continuously for ten years. I'm not even thirty yet but not far off it.

Today's outfit includes a hint of red to celebrate Daniel Morcombe's life and his family's long journey of searching for him and his killer. I hope today's public and private funeral gives them some sort of closure.

nine west dress (purchased in the US) | stella mccartney for target bag | diana ferrari wedges | tommy hilfiger sunnies

Had to throw this classic in.

Last Saturday while on the Sunshine Coast my friend tried this jumpsuit on in Dotti and it looked AMAZING on her. At $59.95 it was just a bit too expensive but a 30% off one day sale yesterday sealed the deal. I had to try it on because it looked so damn good on her and what do ya know ... I bought one for myself too. 

Looking forward to dinner and drinks tonight with these special girls. 

Pop by my very good friend Mel's (on the left) blog, facebook page or instagram profile. She is far more stylish than me ; )

have a fabulous weekend whatever you're up to.


  1. you look fabulous, I love that dress, the pattern is lovely. congrats on 10 years service, that's amazing! x

  2. Gorgeous dress! Wow, 10 years. That's ages. Congratulations! Thanks for the op shop tips too. I didn't end up going with Corey because Imogen is a bit out of sores today but I am thinking my sister and I might make a trip out when she comes for Christmas. She wants to try and find some props for her wedding and wants to hit some op shops while she is here.