Monday, 10 December 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Party Frock ... featuring Cinderela B

I was contacted recently by Cinderela B jewellery asking if I'd like to be involved in a Christmas blogger competition. Bloggers have been asked to create a post detailing their ultimate Christmas party outfit featuring their favourite pieces from the Cinderela B range. The winner scores one hundred pounds (beats me where the symbol is on my keyboard!) to spend on the website.

My favourite campaign at the moment would undoubtedly be the Love Honey Bees Campaign ... I mean c'mon - bee jewellery - YES PLEASE! Now they did ask for the ultimate outfit - I've kept most things affordable but thrown in a few items that if money wasn't an issue I'd snap up in a heartbeat.
Cinderela B Ultimate Christmas Party Outfit

Pop by the Cinderela B website or Facebook page. They really have some pretty stuff!

What would your ultimate Christmas party outfit consist of?

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