Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Moving is hard ... not only on your wallet but also on your mental health, relationships and confidence.

The husband and I yesterday afternoon pondered why we moved and in that moment, I don't think we were able to answer the question. 

The feeling of 'starting from scratch' has really hit home a week and a half after starting our new jobs. We have no close friends nearby and that feeling of isolation has arrived that inevitably comes with moving somewhere a few hours away from your comfort zone - the place where all your friends and familiarities
are. There is also the feeling that even though friends say they will keep in touch and visit, that they will not. 

I've also experienced the unfortunate situation (more than once) where people in your department have no idea who you are, including the big boss, who admitted she mistook you for a student and was confused as to why a student was walking the hallways in a 'staff only' area of the building. Another lovely scenario was when I went to have a meeting with a department head. I showed up and said rather shyly 
'i think i'm supposed to be having a meeting with you' 
only to be greeted with the response 
'who are you and who do you think i am?' 

Anyway, enough sooking from me. We have lived on the coast now for a touch over a month and I know these feelings will take time to subside, relationships and friendships will take time to build and becoming more comfortable and confident as a sunshine coaster will gradually increase. It's just the in between that we have to get used to. At least we've got each other.

What have your strategies been to make friends when you have moved? 

Here's some random selfies that didn't make it to Instagram - date night last week wearing vintage and my outfit today wearing dotti, diva and my most favourite Xmas pressie - my Karen Walker super duper's from my twinnie!


  1. Moving really is hard! My husband and I moved only an hour away from where we were living and it seems that a whole hour was just a little too much for some people to take on. It has been two years since we moved and meeting people has been a little harder. I have had a couple of different jobs and made one good friend through one that I can go on coffee dates with. I'm hoping that I'll be able to join an awesome mothers group once we have our baby.

    Its difficult to not let the new moving blues bother you, I felt them for the entire first year of moving, and that was when I wasn't spending my free weekends visiting the place i had moved from. The older you get the harder it is to meet people I find. I hope you guys get into your groove soon and meet people you can relate to.

  2. Naww, I know the feeling. :( Just like Lauren and Luke, Ben and I only moved an hour away from Friends and family (2 and a half hours away from our Toowoomba family though) and the constant visits that we were promised never happened, despite us now living at the beach. We actually go back to visit everyone else 95 percent of the time and I'm still not sure why.

    I struggled to find a job down here so I ended up starting my own design business (as you know :P), but I think working from home in an area where I feel isolated has only made me feel more isolated.. you know? You're lucky you've found a job where you are as I'm sure a lovely lady like yourself will make many nice friends soon enough. :)

    Best of luck! xx

  3. oh hun :( I've only ever moved an hour away from my old friends/family, so I don't have much advice but I definitely think what you're feeling is very normal. it hasn't been very long, so I'm sure after a while you'll get more settled at work, make some friends, and start feeling like it's home. it will come, I'm positive. best of luck lovely xx

  4. I think I'm about to launch into that same feeling, as much as I kid myself it won't happen I know it will. I'm moving to be with my partner after a year of long distance, and as much as that is going to be fantastic I can see already how lonely it's going to be! I'll be on the coast too and it'll all be lovely I'm sure!! In the meantime my plans are just to say yes to any social offers and join some clubs/classes like boxing. I'll be keeping a close eye on any ways you discover to meet new people too, good luck!!