Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Melbourne Cup

As I sit down in front of the TV with the baby asleep drinking a beer I realise life is pretty darn good. Yes, some days are hard but noone ever said it would be easy having a baby. Life is pretty good when your parents are more than happy to look after your baby while you go out boozing for Melbourne Cup day. 

Katy and I went to a function at Cafe Le Monde at Noosa where the food was amazing, the drinks were flowing and the band was rockin'. Isn't Katy's headpiece AMAZING?!
blue juice dress | forever 21 clutch | thrifted diana ferrari pumps | diva ring


  1. Cute-my Melbourne Cup is a non event. Although we did have a hat parade at school, and I won third place in a sweep :) x

  2. you both look incredible! that colour is just amazing on you x

  3. T'was a pretty good day indeed...!

  4. gosh you two look stunning, also looks like you had so much fun!!
    Also I will always read any blog you write mama.style blog sounds fantastic to me :)