Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What I Wore Wednesday and Shopping

Still loving knits and couldn't leave this one behind at Myer the weekend before last when all knits were 40% off. This one came down to $30. 
quirky circus knit | dotti dress | asos brogues

If you follow me on instagram (peta_ballerina) you would have seen that I got two parcels at work today. Wanna know what I got?

This skirt from eBay. It fits perfectly but is slightly longer than I thought it was. Very cute though. 
AND ... a pair of leather pants from my fave online store ... asos. I also put a pair of 200 denier tights in my cart to make the total over $100 AUD so I could use the 10% off code. A very important lesson. The items in my cart came to a total of AUD $100.33 and once I applied the 10% discount the total reduced to $90.30. I always change the currency to pounds before I check out though. Even with my credit card's currency conversion fee the total charged to my account was $83.32. A saving of $6.98 may not seem like much but who doesn't want to save money?!

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This is my first item of leather clothing (putting in an order for a jacket for christmas) and for those who are interested, the quality seems good and I bought the size 12. It's always risky buying pants or jeans online but I'm happy to report these fit just about perfectly. They might be a teensy bit loose in the leg but hopefully I can make them work. How would you wear them?

Oh, and some more shopping from earlier in the week. Being an active gym junkie (and instructor) I cannot resist Lorna Jane. I bought the python full length tights and a super warm hoodie with a hint of my favourite trend at the moment - you guess it, neon!

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As always, thanks for reading


  1. wow, I love those snake print leggings! I feel like I should take up exercising just so I can buy them x

  2. So have you tried on the leather pants? and what are you going to team them with???

  3. haha, love the third photo of you jumping...turned out really cool!

    1. I love the blue of the sweater with the hot pink shoes + matching nails. I need hot pink shoes!

  4. Love the contrast of the pink + blue! Super cute!

    Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

  5. I love the photo of you jumping and the blue jumper! x