Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Asos Galore

Another dreary day here in Toowoomba could only mean one thing - a bright outfit teamed with what else than my hunter wellies. I am so happy I bought these even if the husband found out how much they really cost this morning. He actually took it quite well.

I've had this suitcase print jacket from asos for yonks now but this is the first time I've actually worn it. It's a super thin polyester type material so does not really provide much warmth but does the job all the same. Elizabeth Olsen even thinks so.

asos dress | asos tights | asos blazer | hunter wellies from here

Turns out I'm a walking asos ad today!

I also made my first purchase with shopbop today ... i had put the matthew williamson neon frames i blogged about here in my wishlist and was advised that they had been further reduced. I bought them this morning for under $100 after umming and ahhing about buying them for $150+. Glad I waited. 

Do you like wishlists or are they just plain mean to your bank balance?


  1. I love wishlists. I actually find that online window shopping and wishlists helps me to narrow down what I really really want and lets me buy more mindfully. I never, ever buy the first time I put something in my cart, either.

    Love the outfit - the blazer looks so cute with the dress x

  2. nice dress but that blazer has pretty fun prints on it!
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. what an awesome jacket, the print is so different!

    what a bargain those glasses are, can't wait to see how you style them x

  4. Love the Hunters! I am working on my husband to try and let me get a pair. I really want the green ones. They are awesome!

  5. Your dress is so pretty, I love the color. Hope you're staying warm and dry!

  6. That jacket is so cool I adore the print! x

  7. I hope this doesn't sound rude but that dress looks too nicely-made to be from Asos! Maybe I've just had bad experiences with the quality of their clothes, but the detailing of that dress just looks too perfect. I love the novelty print of the jacket too!